2015. július 31., péntek


I'm also done with all my exams for the first semester. You won't believe, but it turns out they went great!

Such ballet, much wow.

2015. július 30., csütörtök

2015. július 29., szerda


Other great thing is, I've won a tender for young, talented people. This means that I will soon be able to buy a nice computer for the several tasks I'd use it for. This includes teaching, learning, drawing. For that matter, I'll have to make a documentation about how I properly use this machine.

I like this page.

2015. július 28., kedd


One of the biggest things happened to me is Laura. She is the girl I've shown you in some previous drawings. It seems we get on well with each other and I hope it will stay this way.


2015. július 27., hétfő


I probably won't be able to keep up with this writing down the old stuff thing, even though I'd like to keep this usual form, one entry a day. So from now on, I'll just try to focus on the present.

I need drawing. Drawing is love, drawing is life.

2015. július 26., vasárnap


I try to use bicycle as a form of transportation as much as I can, so I don't gain too much weight.

I love these kinds of characters. It reminds me of The Triplets of Belleville.

2015. július 25., szombat


Now, I should tell you more about my extracurricular activities.

So much wow in one picture.

2015. július 24., péntek


The true challenge is gross anatomy. We have to learn everything about the upper and lower limbs and about the skull. It is much fun as we work a lot with cadavers. 

Same as the former guy.

2015. július 23., csütörtök


Histology is really interesting, we use light microscopy to observe sections of tissues.

I've drawn this guy at biostatistics seminar with MS Paint.

2015. július 22., szerda


Cytology is just one chapter of a book (~100 A4 pages).

I should use this technique more often.

2015. július 21., kedd


Embryology is quite hard to learn as I don't know very much about it. 

I've drawn this while Roy was here, learning chemistry.

2015. július 20., hétfő


Last but not least I want to talk about anatomy. Anatomy is made up of four main parts: gross anatomy, histology, cytology and embryology. I will introduce each separately. 

I must have been really bored.

2015. július 19., vasárnap


I'd like to continue with physics. It is probably the hardest subject for me since I haven't learned physics in a while. We have a quite nice textbook (which I haven't bought yet) and a kind but rigorous teacher. The actual subject is really diverse and interesting but we have to make lab reports which is very exhausting, especially because there's a lot at stake...

This is my favorite one. It happens to be quite proportional and mature.

2015. július 18., szombat


And here comes chemistry: fine subject, fairly good practical lessons with a lot of titrations, but also electric pH, conductivity and absorbance measurements. We have a very kind teacher and several textbooks, each full of mistakes.

My very first live nude drawing, the model's name is Gyuri. I've drawn it at Laura's high school.

2015. július 17., péntek


The next subject I want to talk about is biostatistics. I really like this subject. I don't really go to the lectures, but at the practices we learn how to do statistical tests with Excel, which is nice. We also learn about the principles of statistics and altogether I would call it really useful. 

One of my first real life nude drawings.

2015. július 16., csütörtök


Let's start with the least interesting subject, medical sociology. We have lectures and seminars and a wonderful textbook. We also make a group project about the social isolation of tattooed people. Our final grade is based upon our project (field study) and a test (called demonstration). Basically, we learn about the interactions between medical care and society but also about the common health and finance issues.

This is also Laura, surrounded by several objects.

2015. július 15., szerda


In the next few entries I should introduce my classes for you.

My first drawing of Laura.

2015. július 14., kedd


I guess I also haven't told you about Bernadett yet. I've met her at KOKI. I've remembered her face from earlier when I've seen her in a video (about KutDiák) and asked her if she was the person I've thought her to be. She was. After this incident, we've met again and talked about university and research. She's also told me about a tender which I decided to go for.


2015. július 13., hétfő


Also I've had to buy all my books and stuff. It was fine. It was good. It was excellent...

Still in freshman's camp. I guess I was a bit intoxicated.

2015. július 12., vasárnap


I will also have to bitch about the registration process at my university. I've had to fill out and sign a lot of papers and have a bunch of diagnostic tests for my registration. It included lungs, blood, urine and feces. So for now I must be really healthy.

Drawn this at freshman's camp.

2015. július 11., szombat


You have to know about Laura that she's come to Bét Orim from a Christian family. She's written an email to my father and when she went there, my mother told her about the drama group. So basically that's how we know each other.

Looking bad.

2015. július 10., péntek


After the party we went for a walk with Ricsi and Laura and we've talked about life and death, religion and other highly philosophical stuff.


2015. július 9., csütörtök


After the camp I went to the sólet fesztivál with the theatrical company to advertise our group. I've met Ricsi and Laura there. We just went to random people and asked them if they wanted to join us. They've usually rejected our kind invitation but not Béla who is a member of the group since then. 

Cannot say anything about that one.

2015. július 8., szerda


First thing first, I went to freshman's camp. It was great. Really. We had a lot of fun that week with my mates. We had really good programs, a lot of drinks, good talks, lots of people. I've found a bunch of people there I've known from somewhere else like biology competitions and chemistry camps.

I like this head form.

2015. július 7., kedd


So you may ask, what happened in the first semester, how is university, what about my hobbies, do I have a SO. I'm going to tell you soon enough (I hope at least).

This is Dr. Röhlich while giving lecture.

2015. július 6., hétfő


Velem szemben ketten mennek.
Szemhéjukról esõ pereg.
Velük szemben magam megyek,
Esernyõ van fejem felett.

Elhaladunk egymás mellett.

Mögöttem sétálnak tovább.
Nem látom már léptük porát.
Tocsogásuk elhalkul hát,
Helyüket a csönd veszi át.

Magamban lépkedek tovább.

Clown at anatomy lecture.

2015. július 5., vasárnap


It's the 9th of December already. I feel miserable.

There are infinite numbers,

2015. július 4., szombat


So let's suppose I'm back from Finland finally and I've got a lot of stuff to do at home.

I was paying attention to the lecture, I swear.

2015. július 3., péntek


Wow. I'm back in the business.

A cell.

2015. július 2., csütörtök


After that, they were positively together. And they seem to be until this very moment.

A bit tiring.

2015. július 1., szerda


And when we went to Tallin by the night cruise and bought some absinth together that was the second time they've found each other.

Radius and ulna.