2015. május 31., vasárnap


The pre-Taglits were quite fine. We went to a small pub and to a synagogue to meet each other and the customs.

Dare to dream big.

2015. május 30., szombat


I can actually feel, that this blog will soon come to an end (or at least I won't be able to keep up with the current system), I'm sorry, I'm going to try my best.

On the way from Tel Aviv to Budapest and one day later, on the way from Budapest to Tampere.

2015. május 29., péntek


Back to Hungary, looking forward to the pre-Taglits and Israel.

On the way home from Tel Aviv.

2015. május 28., csütörtök


So now, I'm a gold medalist of IBO. Which is a fucking miracle! I've got the hat from Ban and I'll also get a considerable amount of money from the government. Nailed it!

Dancsi again.

2015. május 27., szerda


Guess what, we had the day of our lives on Saturday: 7:00-10:00 – Breakfast, Helnan Marselis Hotel 10:00-13:00 – Fun and play, Helnan Marselis Hotel 13:30 – Bus departs 15:00-17:30 – Closing Ceremony 18:30-00:00 – Gala dinner and party, Centralværkstedet 00:00 – Last bus departs

I completely lost my voice that day, but at the Gala dinner party I've drunk a bit so it was fine. When they've announced the medalists, I was freaking out. All the time, constantly. I would have been happy if I just have got a bronze. But when they've passed all the bronzes and silvers I was totally out of my mind. I've known that I've got the GOLD. The fucking GOLD! I wouldn't think that this was even possible.

Morning in a Bedouin camp. With Ancsi.

2015. május 26., kedd


Our Friday was awesome: 7:00-8:30 – Breakfast, Helnan Marselis Hotel 9:00 – Bus departs 9:30-13:00 – Tour of Aarhus City 13:15 – Bus departs 14:00-17:00 – Excursion to Moesgaard Museum 17:30 – Bus departs 18:00 20:15 – Dinner, Helnan Marselis Hotel 20:15 – Social Night, Jury members visit Helnan Marselis Hotel

The Museum was sick. SICK. Not this one, but the other museum.


2015. május 25., hétfő


On Thursday we had the following things: 7:00-8:00 – Breakfast, Helnan Marselis Hotel 8:30 – Bus departs 9:30-12:30 – Theoretical Exam 1 12:30-13:45 – Lunch, Aarhus University 14:00-17:00 – Theoretical Exam 2 (17-18 – Phone pick up) 18:00-21:00 – Cultural Night, Aarhus University 21:00 – Bus departs

So basically, the theoretical exams. They were good. Nice. Satisfying. After that, we could pick up our phones and buy some unnecessary stuff.

Lonely cactus.

2015. május 24., vasárnap


You may encountered that I've skipped the program of the day I couldn't participate on. Here it is: 7:00-7:30 – Breakfast, Helnan Marselis Hotel 8:00 – Bus departs 10:00-14:00 – Excursion to the Ecolarium 14:00 – Bus departs 15:00-20:00 – Excursion to Legoland 20:00 – Bus departs

Food in Israel.

2015. május 23., szombat


A bit after I've finished the tasks I've felt sick. First, I thought it could be due to the smell. But later on I've exited the tent and I've still felt the nausea and stomach ache. Not long later we had dinner but I had no appetite. I've got some pain killers and a doctor came. I've felt dizzy and vomited. Then it became much better. I've thought that it must have been some toxin. After we've got home and I've fallen asleep I've got up at 2 am and went to the bathroom. I've had a quite bad diarrhea and while I was shitting on the toilet I've had to vomit too. So I was shitting and vomiting simultaneously and hoped for the best. I've got better shortly after but it turned out that I'd have to repeat this whole thing every two hours during the night. It was a real pleasure. The next day I've just stayed in bed with some sugary tea and slept all day.

This was inspired by a desert farm with goats and sand.

2015. május 22., péntek


And last but not least I want to mention the 4th practical exam which was the dissection of a marine fish. They had rotten all day long in a tent outside Aarhus University. The dissection itself wasn't quite hard but there were several technical problems with the equipment. Basically, you don't want to use a 10" tablet with a bloody, shitty hand. Also we had to take every photo twice because the system wasn't reliable. Otherwise it was a lot of fun! We had to indicate certain parts of the fish with pins. First the outside then the inner parts, the heart and finally the brain. Then there was a quite easy problem set related to fish functional anatomy.

It is inspired by my face but it is not it.

2015. május 21., csütörtök


So you may ask about the third exam but you really don't have to because I will give you the information anyway. It was more like the first one. Not biochemistry but molecular biology. We had to put together an electrophoresis cell. Choose the ingredients, temperature, buffers, enzymes and so on. Most people couldn't finish with the electrophoresis but I did. I could also fill out most of the test parts. It was hard but totally worth it.

I don't like this so much somehow.

2015. május 20., szerda


The second exam was about plants. The goddamn plants. We had the most basic plants imaginable. Beans, moss, fern, pine and stuff like that. So we had those in different forms. Photos, dried parts, microscopic sections, alcoholic preps and so on. At first, we had to decide which is which. Then we had to do some cladistics with them. It wasn't really hard and we've also got sufficient time for it.

I've drown this in Ramada Hotel, Jerusalem, inspired by the military cemetery.

2015. május 19., kedd


First practical exam was about enzyme kinetics and spectrofotometry. We had some reactants, enzymes, water, buffer and STOP solution and had to mix them in given quantities with micropipette to get the different concentration solutions. We also had to measure the times. I made a little mistake there but I believe that I could compensate it later on. So we had to pipette our stopped reactions into the wells of microplates and hand them in for spectrophotometry. After that we had to do some simple calculations. The session had two experiments but I don't remember the difference. In the beginning, there were really awkward technical difficulties with the tablets and server. And we had very little time to do the job.

It's a long story, worthless to tell.

2015. május 18., hétfő


7:00-7:30 – Breakfast, Helnan Marselis Hotel 8:00 – Bus departs 9:00-10:30 – Practical Exam 1 10:30-11:30 – Change place and break 11:30-13:00 – Practical Exam 2 13:00-14:30 – Change place and lunch 14:30-16:00 – Practical Exam 3 16:00-17:00 – Change place and break 17:00-18:30 – Practical Exam 4 18:30-20:00 – Dinner, Aarhus University 20:00 – Bus departs 20:30 – Social night, Helnan Marselis Hotel

Tuesday was the day of practical exams. It was extremely tiring especially because we had a lot of technical problems and delays. When we've arrived to our first exam, we already had to wait at least an hour outside. We've played a lot of fun games thou. We've also got some color badges and armbands. In the next four entries I will explain all four exams.

True jews are sad.

2015. május 17., vasárnap


7:00-8:00 – Breakfast, Helnan Marselis Hotel 8:30 – Bus departs 9:30-13:00 – Visit four places: Lab equipment at Aarhus University, The Open-Air Museum, The Greenhouses in the Botanical Garden
and Natural History Museum 13:00-14:00 – Lunch, the Greenhouses or Aarhus University 14:00-14:15 – Walk to next place 14:15-18:30 – Continue visiting the four places 19:00-20:00 – Dinner, Aarhus University 20:00 – Bus departs to Helnan Marselis Hotel

This was our program on Monday. We went to the uni and have been instructed about the use of the tablets, micropipettes, microscopes for the tablets, eppendorfs and the gele electrophoresis machine. At the open-air museum we've seen some really old Danish houses and furniture. I liked the botanical garden very much. It consisted of several rooms with different climates and plants. It has also had a silent room where I could take a nap. Then we've got our usual sandwich dinner and played some ninja.

The JEW.

2015. május 16., szombat


Till 15:00 – Arrival and Registration, Hotel Radisson 16:00-18:00 – Opening Ceremony, Concert Hall Aarhus 18:00-20:30 – Welcome Reception, Concert Hall Aarhus 20:30 – Bus departs 21:00 – Welcome Evening and Ice Breakers, Helnan Marselis Hotel

Above, you can see the IBO program of the first day. Registration, food and awkward introductions at the beginning. We had to wear our hilarious uniforms for the opening ceremony but it was fine anyway. We've met some of our frenemies and our guides as well. I've played some table soccer and UNO with the others. We've got our rooms too. My roommate was a huge German guy, Alex. He's participated in the former IBO and is interested in several natural sciences and math. He had a bunch of books with him and I was there just like a nobody. Anyway, we were rollin' together and looking forward to the competition.

Evil Banana-Head.

2015. május 15., péntek


After he's also woken up, we've talked about a bunch of things. I've asked him how did he like Cambridge, what he learned exactly. Also about his current job, which is related to genetics, cancer and fruit flies. We've also chat about hobbies and I've shown him my blog too.

The sickest champion.

2015. május 14., csütörtök


In the morning my left arm was really numb. I've tried to move my fingers and elbow but I couldn't. So next thing was moving my whole arm. And BOOM! I've slapped Mate in his naked chest. I've figured that my chest muscles were numb but my back muscles weren't so I wasn't able to control the movement. Both of us were frightened, especially because Mate was still sleeping. Later, he kept on sleeping, while I went outside onto the roof of the hotel.

Oh, yiss!

2015. május 13., szerda


I've known that Mate was going to be my roommate but he would arrive at 2 am. Mr. Ban have told me to make the bed on the floor for him. I didn't want to do that, so I made the bed on the floor for myself and fell asleep. When Mate has arrived I instantly woke up, discussed the situation with Mate and after that we could sleep in peace in our bed.

Mr. Bean and some exercises.

2015. május 12., kedd


When we've arrived to Aarhus everyone stayed at Radisson. It was a fucking palace. Our team, with the jury, went to an Italian restaurant near a canal in Aarhus. The meal wasn't the best, nothing special. While I was eating I was wondering about what time it is. From the daylight I've thought it must be around 8 pm. I've looked at my phone and it was fucking 11 pm. Mind fuck! We've met a couple participants, Mr. Ban gave us some instructions for the next day and we went to sleep.

Food! We've got sandwiches all the time in Denmark.

2015. május 11., hétfő


So me, Flora and Viki have left Budapest. We went by plane to Frankfurt and changed planes to Aalborg. While we've waited at Frankfurt airport, me and Flora have played reversi and chess. When we've arrived to Aalborg we've taken the train ot Aarhus, our final destination.

This was a spaceship. Then it became some faces on top of each other.

2015. május 10., vasárnap


When I got home to Budapest I had two jobs: learning and getting some papers from the Ministry of Human Resources. So I went there and because it has a paternoster I really enjoyed my time going up and down the floors. I've also managed to read a bit more from Campbell's.

Da face.

2015. május 9., szombat


In Szeged, the team always had lunch together at a local restaurant. Me and Flora had a small apartment for each. We usually ate together after the practices and once we watched the movie Treasure Island which she didn't really fancy but I like very much.

I love this guy.

2015. május 8., péntek


And last but not least we've dissected some fish. Some of them was still alive (a bit). It was quite a pleasant experience. My fish's heart was still fucking beating. 


2015. május 7., csütörtök


We've dissected several weeds, lilies and orchids. They are lovely creatures. I simply love orchids. Especially the sticky part. You can also cut them very easily. 

Guten Morgen!

2015. május 6., szerda


We've also titrated an unknown amino acid sample (it's turned out to be glycine). We've done it with an electric pH sensor which was surprisingly accurate. It's given a very nice curve.

Nice piece of hair.

2015. május 5., kedd


After that, we've also done some 2D SDS PAGE on the motherfucker to separate it from the other proteins in the fraction.

This is not Hotel Helnan. This is just a traditional Danish house near Hotel Helnan.

2015. május 4., hétfő


Could you use some affinity and size-exclusion column chromatography? They work pretty well. We've used the size-exclusion for the separation of B12 and hem. The affinity chromatography have done the job at separating polar and non-polar proteins. Our fraction contained GFP, so we had real fun tracking it through the column with a UV torch.

Yes, that is not exactly a cobra up there.

2015. május 3., vasárnap


What about some refractometry and polarimetry? Actually, polarimetry resulted in way more accurate measurements. I wouldn't use a fucking refractometer for my own purposes. Not the fucking Brix%, not again.

I always aim to be politically correct.

2015. május 2., szombat


We had some spectrofotometry to measure the protein content of two milk samples. We've done the measurements both with single samples and with microplates. It was quite a lot of pipetting.

From FRA to AAL.

2015. május 1., péntek


We have had an amazing week there. I don't really remember the sequence of the experiments we've done but I'll share with you what I remember.

Now it's time for the best ever song from Jacob Spike Kraus:

Rosie the Magnificent

Rosie goes to Foster’s station every Friday in the afternoon
One milk two sugars down at Sampson’s, then old John’s newsstand just to see what’s do
Spends an hour with the empty tracks, waiting for a dream that won’t come thru
Bumps a man and spills his coffee, says I’m sorry, he says, “Do I know you?”

She says “My friends all call me Rosie” he says “Please just call me James”
She says, “It sounds like you’ve been hurt before” he says, “Not at all, I’m just really bad with names, so the less I learn the more I gain”

So they talked into the nighttime, sharing stories ‘neath the giant tree
And you might say they moved too quickly, but Rosie needed somebody, just for listening
And James said, “Rosie close your eyes, and tell me just what do you see?”
“I’m a beautiful magician, with a rabbit in the hat next to me”

“And Rosie the Magnificent it says above the stage”
He said, “I’d love to hear more about it” and tried to make plans to meet her the next day, but that’s when Rosie pulled away

And said “Please just let me go
I’ve been here waiting for so long it just makes sense to be alone
Don’t forget me though
I guess if the time is right any given night a stranger’s words can make you feel at home, I’m sorry James I have to go”

James went back to Foster’s station, the next day and everyday next week
And when on Friday she still wasn’t there, he went and found her by their giant tree, where she had been waiting

He said “You probably don’t want me here, I just couldn’t stay away”
She said “James I’d really like to hear your song you told me of the other day”
He said “It’s just a melody” She said “Hum it anyway”

(Hum James’ Song)

So James and Rosie planned to meet there, every Friday till the day they died
And they were happy there for six months, till one day Rosie wasn’t by his side
He tracked her down at Foster’s station, boarding the 3:10 out of platform six
Conductor—blue hat—James don’t—like that—destination: Las Vegas

He said “Rosie please don’t go yet, there’s so much I want to say”
She said “James don’t say you love me, I couldn’t bear it” as the tears streamed down her face—the loudest sound—the silent space

She said “Please just let me go
I’ve been here waiting for so long it just makes sense to be alone
Don’t forget me though
With the stars at night to guide your way, I’ll write you if I can to let you know,
I’m sorry James I have to go”

And then she was gone, James moving on, Rosie stopped writing, or was it the timing, or did James stop writing first
For the rest of his life and the rest of his love, he felt her face looking down from above, he used to whisper in the night just to pretend like she’d heard, and he never wrote his song cause he could not find the words

(Hum James Song – 2 lines)

And 40 years later, James gets a letter, that says Rosie’s back with a heart attack and ain’t getting better
“I think it’s a sign, and I don’t have much time. Come see me James, I miss you. Love, Rosie”

James was there the Friday morning when Rosie finally opened up her eyes
And she was happy there for moments, as if James had never left her side. Damn her foolish pride

“James I never made it I’m just a washed up parlor act. I’m not magic. Not magnificent” and James bites his lip to keep the tears back
Then Rosie falls to fits and starts to slip away and James says “Rosie I’ve lost you twice now I won’t let you go not like this, no not today”
She took his hand, and he thought he heard her say

“Please just let me go
I’ve been so foolish for so long it just makes sense to be alone
Don’t forget me though
Because I love you James I’m sorry I never took the time to let you know
I’m sorry James…”

And James leans down and whispers soft the words he finally knows
He marks them on her tablet, but leaves off the names cause James was never good with those. And they say, if you find the right grave, you can still hear him singing all alone:

“Rose. Rose. You just didn’t get, it didn’t matter where you went. You were always my magnificent Rose.”