2015. március 31., kedd


I've also had my school-leaving ceremony. I was chosen to give a speech there. It was fine. My speech is always the best speech in town.

I guess this is the egg of some kind of insect.

2015. március 30., hétfő


Then I had to study a lot for the history exam. It was such a torture for me. I've read the same book twice and took several former exam papers in preparation.

This is my first digital painting without an outline. It's kind of 'just' painted. I've used the colors of the reference picture.

2015. március 29., vasárnap


There are also two new members of our group. I'm really delighted by them.

I need to practice drawing human figures. Also with clothes on.

2015. március 28., szombat


We've started to work on some Ionesco plays with Anna.

Some insane shit. Actually, I like them pretty much.

2015. március 27., péntek


So we killed the bunny and then dissected it. Later, we've ate it's liver. It was delicious.

Drawn on the train.

Méle hideg rázza testem,
A mámorban megrekedtem.
Örülni kell a jónak,
Akkor is ha túl nagy,
Lassan elszenderedtem.

Madár száll el felettem,
Méla hideg rázza testem.
A madár egy kócsag,
Nagyobb, mint egy csónak,
Lám, megemberesedtem.

Méla testem hideg rázza,
Itt ülök a fényben fázva.
A jónak kell örülni,
A rosszat meg kerülni,
Sok dolog van elbaltázva.

So that's what I could make at 4:49 on the train.

2015. március 26., csütörtök


The same day I went home from Szeged with the 4:30 train, afternoon I went to Solymár to kill that bunny I've mentioned earlier.

I've drawn these in the biology lab of the Radnóti Gimnázium in Szeged. There's an illustration for the use of the micro-pipette.

2015. március 25., szerda


At the end of the day, they've announced the results. I was the 4th, and such, I've become a member of the Olympic team.

It reminds me of Tim Burton.

2015. március 24., kedd


On the second day, we had to take four 1,5 hour long practical exams. I liked them pretty much. 


2015. március 23., hétfő


On the first day we've written two 2,5 hour long tests. Honestly, I had no idea what I've been doing.

These are animal tissues and a plant part.

2015. március 22., vasárnap


Then, while I went to Szeged by train Molnárka called me to tell that I was the 9th at the OKTV.

These are plant tissues I've drawn as practice to the OKTV. I guess they are quite good.

2015. március 21., szombat


By the time I've also attended the final round of the OKTV, it wasn't a big deal.

Some shit.

2015. március 20., péntek


I want to add the information slowly as usual. In the 3rd round of IBO I've come out to be the 9th.

You have huge circles around your eyes. Are you tired?

2015. március 19., csütörtök


Now, I will have to make a huge comeback because it's actually the 9th of May.

I like that tree-like face.

2015. március 18., szerda


I'm gonna dissect and eat a tiny, innocent bunny with Gergő. God bless the bunnies.

It's a bit Schieleish.

2015. március 17., kedd


I've turned out to be the 13. after the second round of IBO.

Lion heart.

2015. március 16., hétfő


I clearly need more practice.

Szonja, could be better. Too sharp nose, slightly thin lower lip.

2015. március 15., vasárnap


It's almost érettségi time. I am so very nervous such wow dodge.

The daughter of him.

2015. március 14., szombat


Are you familiar with ATP synthase? It's one of the most incredible things I know.

Mr. Schubert, in need of some retouch.

2015. március 13., péntek


It's incredible how many great people there are in the world. I love the history of science.

Very appealing.

2015. március 12., csütörtök


I'll have to make a website to upload all the IBO preparation materials. After the actual competition.

I'm in need of erasing the imperfect lines in my paintings. Btw, John is being eaten.

2015. március 11., szerda


I'd really have to learn all this machine learning shit. And all this biology and neuroscience shit. And all those other kinds of shit too. Fuck. Especially the history shit. Fuck. This should be made a song.

Clown fishy fissssh.

2015. március 10., kedd


I've just figured out how to use hot keys in MyPaint and also downloaded Krita. Now I'm determined to draw and paint a lot.

Not safe for the arachnophobic.

2015. március 9., hétfő


We'll go to the Hillel party. Party jews!


2015. március 8., vasárnap


I'll also try it out probably. My own recipe of course. That's how a scientist thinks.

Monkey with flying colors. If I won't be a piece of lazy shit, I'm gonna finish this up.

2015. március 7., szombat


By the way my brother started to take some extra protein for his workout and now we will try to find out a more efficient way to do this than those weight gainer supplements.

I've warned you that there will be more monkeys.

2015. március 6., péntek


And I'm in the final round of the biology OKTV.

In color.

2015. március 5., csütörtök


Let's see what else happened. I've taken second IBO test too.

I've vectorized this with Inkscape from a photo of a planaria.

2015. március 4., szerda


And he is very muscular indeed.

A cheat sheet for my desk mate.

2015. március 3., kedd


My sweet brother is home again. Let's celebrate!

I made this little sketch study during my literature class.

2015. március 2., hétfő


She also showed me some of her artworks. They are quite good, but she has a lot to learn.

Monkey, and more to come.

2015. március 1., vasárnap


It is also very interesting, that I've chat with Sophia and we come up with the idea that she should come here for about a month. And I felt both of us took it very seriously. Unfortunately she won't this year, but who knows what will happen in the future.

Some communist shit.