2015. január 31., szombat


I will need a superb plan for my preparation. With no excuses, no distractions and a lot of learning.

Some kind of strawberry I guess.

2015. január 30., péntek


Now I would really have to prepare for my Hungarian and history maturas.

This thing is wanted to be some kind of creature but I will have to work on it a bit more. It is a dodecahedron by the way.

2015. január 29., csütörtök


I also read Rhythms of the Brain by György Buzsáki and found a lot of great books in Bálint Ház.

This is the last drawing in my current notebook.

2015. január 28., szerda


I've watched The Sound of Music and Mary Poppins. They are sensational! I like idyllic stuff. 

I've also seen Birdman recently. And lollipop.

2015. január 27., kedd


I've translated 30 past IBO exercises. Great job */pat on the head/*.

Trying to jot down an equation for linear regression.

2015. január 26., hétfő


I've also did about 200 pages of biology exercises in the past few weeks in preparation for the second round of the OKTV.


2015. január 25., vasárnap


I've also met Balazs, who works with probabilistic neuron models and was a postdoctoral fellow at Cambridge University. He sent me a couple of books on the topic.

Lymphocyte, monocyte, granulocyte.

2015. január 24., szombat


I also read a book on probability and mathematical statistics by János Szelezsán. It's a great experience, as I don't usually read books on mathematics. I'm afraid I will have to get used to that.

Don't even ask.

2015. január 23., péntek


I've also got back to programming with Python and Octave. Python is just so simple and worth to know, I decided to get to know it a bit. And I started to take Andrew Ng's Machine Learning course, which my brother took too, on Coursera. The whole point here is to get to know stochastic models better especially it's possible applications in neuroscience.

I just started to hate biology exercises.

2015. január 22., csütörtök


I would have to learn for the biology OKTV, but I usually just watch videos on Richard Dawkins mocking religious views, which is very satisfying. 

Some earring plans for STR. I've actually made the middle one for her. She wears it since I've gave it to her. I'm afraid I will have to give her more.

2015. január 21., szerda


My bicycle had a flat tire and I was too lazy to repair it, so for a few days I've walked to school (probably I wouldn't cycle anyway due to the freezing weather and slippery roads). And I realized that walking to school in shorts, in the morning, while it's freezing is an extremely pleasurable experience. Moving your feet to the rhythm of a song, watching the buildings and the sky, enjoying that you don't have to press yourself into a crowded, stinky piece of junk. I love it, even if it's less effective than cycling.

Easy concepts.

2015. január 20., kedd


So I've read a biology encyclopedia. A fucking encyclopedia.


2015. január 19., hétfő


I have to mention that I am still alive, although I was out in the cold for a while, unprotected. Winter will come to an end, it is already a much warmer climate in Budapest than a few weeks ago. I am glad to be alive.

Different kinds of fruits and seeds. #OKTV

2015. január 18., vasárnap


It's been almost a month. I've been up to a bunch of activities since then. I will tell you everything.

(By the way this date is my 18th birthday, so happy birthday to myself. Finally I can by alcohol legally in Hungary. Wow.)

Kind of a fascinating piece of carrot, isn't it?

2015. január 17., szombat


Never been better. Bitch.

Fork and knives and evil lady (who was intended to be Fanni Gyarmati, but she is obviously not).

2015. január 16., péntek


Molnárka gave me Raven's Biology. I like it indeed.

I have no idea.

2015. január 15., csütörtök


I also started to translate past IBO papers to Hungarian. Because I believe it is crucial for those who want to prepare.

I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike. I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride it where I like.

2015. január 14., szerda


I can remove watermark from PDFs (using PDFtk in Ubuntu terminal). I'm so satisfied.

Pieces of white tack. Such sculpting, very art.

2015. január 13., kedd


I have my semester's grades. My average is 4.7. I like that.

What the fuck?

2015. január 12., hétfő


FINALLY! I got sick. Like a boss.

What a sexy hand. What a sexy hand, indeed.

2015. január 11., vasárnap


The guy I taught chemistry just told me, he wants me to teach him again because he got a five for the previous test. How delightful!

Kind of the same concept.

2015. január 10., szombat


Molnárka got inspired by my drawings. Now there's a chance that I'm going to illustrate her books. Yeah, for green. No, I don't mean marijuana. I mean money, which is also not green. Except if you see everything in green. I really don't want this to take too long.

On the top, you may see the original of the other drawing (if you scroll down a bit). On the bottom, you can see depressive fruits, which inspired Molnárka.

2015. január 9., péntek


I taught wire jewelry making. Again. She's working at a local hospital, radiating cancerous people with a huge particle accelerator. We had a great hour together. 

This elephant had a massive boner during the lesson. Maybe because I put on BDR's glasses to be able to draw Mr. Kovaloczy.

2015. január 8., csütörtök


I took a math test. It scored 100%. I am awesome.

I don't even want to talk about this one.

2015. január 7., szerda


Now I'm a calculator, officially.

I drew this after the original one, by heart.

2015. január 6., kedd


On the last day, I've accompanied Berek to the store where we've bought baker's ware. We had to walk a lot at 6 am at around -8 Celsius degree. I was in shorts and T-shirt. My fingers almost fell off (not literally, hopefully). Then I went back to calculate a bit more. Later we went out to the railway station where I was vigorously trembling by the low temperatures and everyone was looking at me, like if I were some kind of lunatic alien. Then I took a great nap on the train and went home with my old man.

Long, blonde hair, long, blonde soul.

2015. január 5., hétfő


On the fourth day, I was almost become insane. A mattress has burned in flames during the day, in our room. It was super exciting and delightful for me. Don't judge. We've written the final paper in camp, the so called 'kiugró'. Later I've wrote 5 advanced maturas throughout the night. I haven't slept at all and surprisingly the last matura turned out to be the best (written between 3-4 am). 

Long hair, long soul.

2015. január 4., vasárnap


On the third day, I've spent all my time with calculations. I've taken several maturas and complete sections of Villányi's book. I've also received a task from Berek. I had to calculate the pH value of H2S given the concentration and the two acidic constants. I could make it to a 'simple', fourth degree equation. We had to write it into Wolfram Alpha.

And in color again. I'm becoming better and better with this color thing.

2015. január 3., szombat


On the second day, we've started to solve chemical calculations straightforward. At the beginning it was a bit frustrating, due to my slow tempo. But soon enough I caught up with others and with resilient exercising I became one of the fastest people in the group. I've managed to develop a special kind of love toward solving chemical calculations. Even though at the beginning I've made a lot of mistakes, I could turn it to interest for my advantage. True story. Cöcöcö.

Third mushroom.

2015. január 2., péntek


On the first day of camp, I've finished my painting at home, then went to the station. When we arrived to Kismaros, I was astonished by the memories evoked in me due to math camp in Kismaros at 5th grade. We went to the same house we were almost seven years ago. Later we ate dinner and played chemistry football with Berek. We had to guess what he was thinking about in chemical terms. It was fascinating too. After that we've smoked a bit, not enough, and went to sleep.

In color. Somehow I couldn't reproduce the effect from the previous mushroom. I must try harder.

2015. január 1., csütörtök


Then I went to Berek's chemistry camp. I can already tell you, it was fucking awesome.

Another, lonely, mushroom.