2014. október 31., péntek


I'we watched VAN valami furcsa és megmagyarázhatatlan. I liked it.

Not sure if this was a good idea.

2014. október 30., csütörtök


I've found a website, eyewire.org. You can contribute to a project to map the retina of a mouse. And it's an awesome game. Everyone should give it a try.

I don't always draw fantasy but when I do I do something like the thing above.

2014. október 29., szerda


In the morning I was in KOKI. Watched and did some stuff. Brain slicing, patch clamping, neuron modelling. It was fine. When I got home I received a message from Domi. She invited me to a speech at CEU about the semantic systems of infants. It wasn't really my cup of tea but it was interesting anyway. After the speech we've talked some then I went home. Dani called me to help him in math. And I did. You know, I think I'm kind of on the right path if it is me who teaches someone to math. Anyway, I still have to learn a lot, especially history and chemistry and now obviously neurophysiology. 


2014. október 28., kedd


And today (TODAY!!!) I was at a very good presentation at the MTA. It was about a recently discovered neurotrophic factor which could treat Parkinson's disease.

And never give up.

2014. október 27., hétfő


We danced. Then I went to KOKI. And I was at the anti internet tax protest.


2014. október 26., vasárnap



Nonono. Nonononono.

2014. október 25., szombat


Maybe that's not an especially surprising fact but drunk people can be embarrassing. 

Still chillin' out, now in color.

2014. október 24., péntek


Ain't no party like a 18. birthday party at Hujuja.

Take a bath and chill out.

2014. október 23., csütörtök


Eggplant party! Saturday night, full of the fucking eggplant while doing Havdalah.

Another doodle.

2014. október 22., szerda


It would be just two more entries to get to today. Until then it's gonna be hard work.

And just one more modification for the snob ones. (And for the blog's advantage.) Btw, the painting was made from the profile picture of Krizbo.

2014. október 21., kedd


And I have finally finished Breaking Bad. I'm so relieved.

Finished Krizbo.

2014. október 20., hétfő


God bless The Pirate Bay.

Semi finished.

2014. október 19., vasárnap


Still. I will have to learn more. Still.

This is Krizbo, whose blog is the main source of my visitors.

2014. október 18., szombat


I'm simply so satisfied. I don't need nothing. (Yeah, I know that was grammatically incorrect.)

The gate of hell. This was made from an old picture of my nose.

2014. október 17., péntek


So I downloaded a great deal of neuroscience book and I intend to read as many of them as possible. Also asked Rozsa to send me their publications and books.

To life, to life, l'chaim!

2014. október 16., csütörtök


I went to Rozsa and it was kind of what I expected. He is a very ambitious, intelligent careerist and egoist person in my view. I talked with him for an hour. He explained to me how cool his microscope is and what his plans and researches are about. Then I watched one of his colleagues doing measurements and operating a mouse for about five hours. It was very fascinating. Now I think that I would absolutely go to Gulyas but maybe also to Rozsa if this would be somehow possible.

Bitch Please! Albert Camus alias Kamus Albert.

2014. október 15., szerda


Today I went to KOKI because I thought that there will be Daniel but he wasn't so I just set down and started reading. I was reading like this for approximately four hours. He haven't came. Although I was still way more productive than if I were stay at home. A cycled and found two rotten pears in my rucksack and I've seen that anorexic architecture girl from Robi's party. It was really worth it.

Not much of a change.

2014. október 14., kedd


I almost decided to go to Attila's work group so I will have to learn a load of electrophysiology. Now I'm so fucking busy I'm almost cummin'.

Semifinished style.

2014. október 13., hétfő


I will finally go to Balázs because I wrote a second email so he answered. Quite a process.

And as you can see, Eszter again.

2014. október 12., vasárnap



A sejtmagban, plazma mélyén,
Kromoszómák lebegnek,
DNS-ük szorgos, élénk,
Templátként szerepelnek.

NTP is gyülekezik,
Kapcsolódni akarna,
A polimeráz kesereg,
Sok munkája akadna.

Mégsem hagy fel a munkával,
MRNS-t gyárt le most,
Folyamatos kapcsolással,
Felülmúlva lakatost.

Se átfedés, se kihagyás,
Lánckezdő jel és stop jel,
Kodon, kodon, kodon, kodon,
Ezzel sosem hagyna fel.

Leválik az mRNS,
De nincs még kész a dolga,
TRNS után keres,
S örülne, ha volna.

Gyűlik már a tRNS,
De nem kötődhet még meg,
Riboszóma felé menet,
Aminosavat vezet.

RRNS van már itt,
Fehérje lassan tekereg,
És lassacskán leválik.

Készen van a fehérjénk,
Az egész sejtünk örül,
S sejtalkotók táncolnak,
A sejtmaghártya körül.

I bet he would like my poem too.

2014. október 11., szombat


Me and two girls from ELTE psychology made nice wire jewelry. One of them was quite pretty and she always dropped everything. I bet she uses pot a lot.

How cheerful.

2014. október 10., péntek


I've also managed to tell him about my brother in relation to data analysis and now there's a chance that Áron will be able to work in KOKI which would be extremely good for everyone.

I'm still the fucking walrus.

2014. október 9., csütörtök


The next day I was at Attila who showed me much more of the laboratories including the same patch clamping method but also in vivo stuff and neuron modelling. He also gave me a lot of readings and we've talked about modelling neron networks.


2014. október 8., szerda


By the time I have visited Norbert who told me about his research topic, which is the amygdala and memorization of sentimental reactions. He also showed me the process of patch clamping in a laboratory and said that I could model neurons with a software from confocal microscope images.

What a red eye.

2014. október 7., kedd


There will be a photo making thing for our class poster. I will have to get rid of my beard and revolting hair.

UV microscopy.

2014. október 6., hétfő


I should draw a walrus sometime.

Electrophysiology in one drawing.

2014. október 5., vasárnap


My next favorite music is 'I am the Walrus' coz I am the walrus.

An illustration to Strawberry Fields.

2014. október 4., szombat


Szti asked me to draw her a crocodile. I will have to improve my crocodile drawing skills.


2014. október 3., péntek


I watched Hanna and Lucy and they are unsatisfactory. I'm so sorry for my opinion, girls.

I don't even know what this is.

2014. október 2., csütörtök


Strawberry Fields. My mom's favorite Beatles song.

Arthur Miller.

2014. október 1., szerda


I will have a nice tuxedo for my prom. They've already measured me. And I'm so ready for a tuxedo.

It reminds me to a monster from Monster, Inc.