2014. szeptember 30., kedd


Almost in October.

Friedrich Dürrenmatt.

2014. szeptember 29., hétfő


And finally Mimi asked me out for dancing and I said yes to her after short consideration. So now I dance with her, although she cannot dance as she's a cripple.

Ortodox smiley.

2014. szeptember 28., vasárnap


Now we go back to Praha for a moment. Just for a short story. After the day I was stoned as hell we were gathering in the main hall of our hotel. I was set down when my classmate, Dóri, told me that she would dance with me if I want. I was just sat there with closed eyes, still stoned and didn't know what the fuck should I say, since I didn't want to dance with her. And after a couple seconds I told her 'OK'. And the whole sitation was so pathetic. 

Crusty boy.

2014. szeptember 27., szombat


And I haven't even mention the dances.

My beautiful hand on Beautiful Benny day.

2014. szeptember 26., péntek


And I should chat with Linda.

Inspired by Vera.

2014. szeptember 25., csütörtök


Anyway, I should be much more awesome.

Franz Kafka.

2014. szeptember 24., szerda


I should learn more.

Some insanely good jewelry designs.

2014. szeptember 23., kedd


I should work out more.

I'm so fucking bored. -> I've got a nice idea! -> Solve some chemistry calculations.

2014. szeptember 22., hétfő


I'm so surprised when some people still confuses my phone number with Raj's.

Kind of diverse. My classmate, Zsombi.

2014. szeptember 21., vasárnap


She asked if it should hurt. I answered that it shoud, since I squeezed a fucking needle through her ear. Fair enough, isn't it?

So happy.

2014. szeptember 20., szombat


After that, the only thing I could think about was piercing her ear. I was so excited and a bit afraid just by the idea of it. Then one day when we didn't have our biology lesson she came up to me and said if I want to do it that day. I said yes of course. And it worked. After my math class we went home and I did my job.

We went up to my residency, my father was at home but fortunately he was taking a bath. I took the stuff and went back to the other flat. And we were just sitting there, a bit panicky about the situation. I was just sterilizing the facilities, putting on the rubber gloves. Then I took the cork, and asked last time if she really wants this. And she did so I squeezed through her ear with the needle. And a bit later the other one too. I put in the piercings, went to take my lunch then straight back to school.

2014. szeptember 19., péntek


Anyway, I believe we get along well. Once we were talking about jewelry and it turned out she wants to pierce her ears. And what can a surgeon like me do in a situation like this? I offered her to pierce her ear. And she liked the idea.

It was a hard job to paint it.

2014. szeptember 18., csütörtök


Maybe I have already mentioned that me and Eszter usually play board games during several classes. Tic-tac-toe, Nine Men's Morris and chess too. She is e very intelligent and open-minded person.

I love that half smile.

2014. szeptember 17., szerda


Eszter and me are desk mates in several classes, especially in literature for at least 3 years when she just randomly set by me in the first row, where I have a desk oriented in a right angle to all the others.

This is my classmate Eszter. You will probably see her later again.

2014. szeptember 16., kedd


I've just made a lot of chemistry exercises, especially from OKTV and it went pretty damn well. I'm so happy now. Finally, I will get to like these stupid exercises.

So many expressions.

2014. szeptember 15., hétfő


I have an order from my classmate, Luca. She have ordered a medal of the zodiac Scorpio. And I made it just fine from Sterling silver.

Better joke.

2014. szeptember 14., vasárnap


The third guy is the best actually. He's a pure genius. First he went to a drawing school then to Fazekas where he attended a bunch of competitions. After that, he went to SOTE and after the second year he went to the physics faculty of ELTE and he did them simultaneously. Not end of story. He invented a 3D laser microscope which is just amazing. But he haven't responded to my email so I will have to take this into my own hands.

Bad joke.

2014. szeptember 13., szombat


Happy 900. Entry Day!

Mr Froggy may I have a word? You're the hard one that's what I've heard. (Freely after the 'Princess and the Frog')

2014. szeptember 12., péntek


After this he sent me an email with three contacts. Two neurophysiologist and a microscope guy, who's the best of all. I've already answered them and have two dates. I'm so very excited.

Same thing.

2014. szeptember 11., csütörtök


There was also a girl in my age who wanted to go to Oxford and because of this she made some slave's job in the institute. She was quite intelligent by the way. It's very interesting that she was 8. in the biology OKTV last year but she fell out from IBO in the third round while I was third in that. This accurately indicates that IBO is cool and OKTV is bullshit.

Creature. With some insane associations.

2014. szeptember 10., szerda


So I went there for a little chat with Nyíri and we ran the very same rounds then we talked about what he does in KOKI and that he will send my CV and motivational letter around KOKI, if someone is interested in me.

I like this giraffe guy so much.

2014. szeptember 9., kedd


I believe I have mentioned that I've contacted Nyíri and sent him my CV and motivational letter.

How theatrical.

2014. szeptember 8., hétfő


I've also installed a small shelf in the classroom to hold the kettle.

Some kind of a note.

2014. szeptember 7., vasárnap


In Bet Orim ther was another ceremony where I met Stadler again and it was pretty interesting. He is a smart boy. And we attend extra chemistry classes together.

The same guy's front.

2014. szeptember 6., szombat


I was at my classmate, Gergő's house where we intended to study chemistry and biology but finally we where just hanging around with arrows, swords and a vizsla.

Mr Big Thyroid. Or Mr Ball Sack Throat.

2014. szeptember 5., péntek


I'm also reading Molnár Kinga's 'Bevehető-e az anatómia fellegvára?'.

Mr Big Chin. It must be very complicated for him to do chin ups.

2014. szeptember 4., csütörtök


In one of the extra chemistry classes Viktor Albert mentioned a book about organic chemistry. I've bought it and it is a very good book indeed. It is 'Kajtár Márton: Változatok négy elemre'.

Mr Big Mouth.

2014. szeptember 3., szerda


This year I go to 5 OKTVs (biology, chemistry, math, English and art and visual culture) in total and to the IBO. I will try to do my best in each.

Mr Big Eye.

2014. szeptember 2., kedd


By the time we've also played 'Az ibolya'. It turned out quite well compared to our expectations.

I think you got it. Mr Big Nose.

2014. szeptember 1., hétfő


This would count as an extremely lucky entry if I were Chinese.