2014. augusztus 31., vasárnap


I was also at Bet Orim with Tripolsky and I got to know Jeremy who is an extremely talented asian guy. This means he can speak a bunch of languages, he can cook, play the cello and who know what else.

So bad.

2014. augusztus 30., szombat


Now we can come back to school and stuff. I have plenty more to tell about, don't worry.

A Eukaryota cell.

2014. augusztus 29., péntek


Let's get back from Praha. My brother went back to England, he hates it as hell. On the sunny side he started to draw and to play the guitar, which is nice. He also has a guitar in England.

The story of this drawing is that Wrobel gave a homework to Áron. To draw a walnut. So we bought some and finally I've drawn some too. I've never drawn walnuts before but it was a true experience.

2014. augusztus 28., csütörtök


Anyway, it was a nice TRIP in Praha. We've visited the Dali, Mucha, Warhol gallery, the LEGO museum, the Staropramen museum, a lot of pubs and so on.

This is my classmate, Szandi.

2014. augusztus 27., szerda


And hell yeah, we've smoked weed every single fucking day. I was so damn high I couldn't close my eyes without a colorful geometric trip.

This is my classmate, Gergő.

2014. augusztus 26., kedd


We drunk beer. And it was surprisingly good.

This is Dénes in case you cannot recognize him.

2014. augusztus 25., hétfő


Is it possible that I haven't even mentioned our trip to Praha?

This is my classmate, Balázs.

2014. augusztus 24., vasárnap


Unfortunately, I've started to watch Braking Bad. And I waste my time with it all the time. It is a true catastrophe.

Some chick from the literature textbook.

2014. augusztus 23., szombat


Me and Eszter have found out that chess (especially French chess) is a very very good game.

Just some graphite on paper.

2014. augusztus 22., péntek


I was at Kova's birthday party, he turned 18. We've smoked and drunk every kind of alcohol, anyway I was cool with it. I was also on the top of the roof. It was totally safe, you can believe me.

What an artistic piece of shit.

2014. augusztus 21., csütörtök


I have 6 biology lessons a week and I'm still the best (obviously). One of them is an extra lesson with Molnárka and Gergő (and Luca theoretically).

Alice in Wonderland.

2014. augusztus 20., szerda


I have 8 chemistry lessons a week. From which two are extra lessons from teachers and one is an extra class from Marci and Peti. But I'm still weak with chemistry.

Mr. Chargaff and an imaginary X-ray diffraction image of DNA.

2014. augusztus 19., kedd


So let's start with some fun facts.

Molnárka at the right bottom corner.

2014. augusztus 18., hétfő


I don't even know where should I continue with this blog. I've been absent here for a long time and these absences add up. So I will attempt to go with this blog as far as I can. Of course I draw a lot but I don't always have the time and energy to write these entries. But really. I WILL TRY.

A bit of biology.

2014. augusztus 17., vasárnap


I gave in my application to KOKI for the second time. I hope I will get in. with my fantastic CV and motivation letter.

You can see the phospholipids right at the bottom right corner.

2014. augusztus 16., szombat


If you haven't noticed yet school year has started. So I have to write a lot more entries. Hard job blogger.

BDR. Sir Dénes.

2014. augusztus 15., péntek


So, she has arrived we helped her with buying and installing stuff from IKEA and also gave her information about Budapest and public transportation. Now she's fine and busy studying.

So bad.

2014. augusztus 14., csütörtök


By the time Evelyne arrived to Budapest. The girl from America, with a British father and a Russian mother. Obviously she's Jewish and me and my family are trying to help her as much as we can because she came here to study at Semmelweis University.


2014. augusztus 13., szerda


I have so many things to write about I don't even know where to start.


2014. augusztus 12., kedd


On the third day we've done the electrophoresis which went fine.

The composer.

2014. augusztus 11., hétfő


On the second day we've separated the white colonies (which had the ligated fragment in their lacZ gene) and dissolved them to separate the DNA to amplify it.

I like this page. Mr. Fábián's lessons are better than Győri's. That's for sure.

2014. augusztus 10., vasárnap


On the first day of this procedure we've pipetted together several liquids which were essential to perform the cloning. These were (at least what I remember) DNA fragments, nuclease free water, linearized plasmid, ligase, puffer, Xgal, E. Coli and something else I don' really remember. We pipetted, melted, shook, knuckled and incubated them until they were ready for proliferation. Then we've waited.

Bless you!

2014. augusztus 9., szombat


When the project have started first we discussed the topic. The identification of Proteus Anguinus (cave salamander) from environmental DNA. They had to prove that the DNA in the water sample is really from this species. Therefore they had to sequence a gene specific for PA. But this DNA fragment is too short for automated Sanger-sequencing so they had to use a cloning vector to isolate, amplify and lengthen this fragment to make it applicable for sequencing.

A eukaryotic cell and DNA transcription and copying.

2014. augusztus 8., péntek


So I went to the laboratory and Orsi showed me every machine and technique they use for research. She also gave me some books on NGS (New Generation Sequencing), anatomy and told me about a book on history of science.

Just the usual weak beginning of school year.

2014. augusztus 7., csütörtök


The following entries will inform you about my laboratory experiences but for now let me acknowledge my pro skills in downloading very good books for free.

What a bro.

2014. augusztus 6., szerda


But we are still young, strong and beautiful as always.

It's just getting better with every layer of pure awesomeness.

2014. augusztus 5., kedd


Basically she threw away a lot of money because she didn't want to for me. But when I got there I repaired her computer in circa 5 minutes.

Old, poor and a bit tipsy (drunk as fuck).

2014. augusztus 4., hétfő


But a few days later she couldn't start it and because I wasn't available at the time she simply bought a new one.


2014. augusztus 3., vasárnap


But the sound didn't work. So I repaired it too.

OH MY (I can explain it with the change in color). Believe me I'm a professional (in fact I'm not).

2014. augusztus 2., szombat


And (now I already feel like I'm superman) I repaired Anna's computer (with Ubuntu of course).

What a piece of art.

2014. augusztus 1., péntek


I have also went to rehearsals at Anna and tried to memorise my role. And the process is still under progress.

Anyway, I like this.