2014. július 31., csütörtök


Also, I finally managed to varnish my carved chair and other stuff.

I'm very rude posting the same thing in different stages. I'm not even rude. I'm a fucking troll. A csíter geci.

2014. július 30., szerda


And of course I'm at the Museum of Natural Sciences at the filo-genetic lab, making PCR, electrophoresis, automated Sanger-sequencing, cloning vector and a lot of other interesting stuff. WOW. I'm gonna tell you more about that later.

Clothes and hair added. I would have to practice this too.

2014. július 29., kedd


I have also went back to Balatonfüred and biked 80 kms. It was extremely exhausting and satisfying at the same time.

So this is the structure.

2014. július 28., hétfő


After the party while we were walking home we've had a little conversation about tough stuff which turned me down a bit but it was OK.

Doodle! I would have to draw more of these.

2014. július 27., vasárnap


Then we went to Palasik's party. There were a lot of people mostly from Fazekas but also from Radnóti and most of them studied in the UK, especially in London, at UCL where Robi studies. I wasn't really invited just went there with Aron but it turned out well, as I could speak with Sanyi about studying biology in the UK and stuff. I've also met Eszter Rónai who studies in Cambridge and Réka from BME. Basically me and Aron were talking with them in the whole party (at the end we've talked with Cindy too).

Stop, please!

2014. július 26., szombat


And he just kept complaining about his life...


2014. július 25., péntek


Aron have arrived from London too.

More sketches.

2014. július 24., csütörtök


I have a working computer with booting options to Windows 7 and Ubuntu 14.04. I am so fucking happy.

Just a sketch. A sketch with my new computer. With Ubuntu. Nice.

2014. július 23., szerda



Actually the reference picture is Juli's Facebook profile picture. And I used a technique for the first time based on simply copying the colors of the original picture to use them for painting. I think this is a quite good result. In the rest of our holiday we acted pretty normally; I didn't feel any unpleasant tension between us. Next day's night we went for a wheelchair walk (it was already a tradition then). And smoked a cigarette on a bench near the shore. As I was just laying there in a nicotinic intoxication she was texting her friend about what happened and agreed on that she would go home the next day. After this nothing happened which were worth mentioning. I believe this night has given us a lot to think about (at least to me, it's sure). My first thought was: I can still be attractive to people (even if they are drunk as fuck). And along this wave of thoughts I was kind of happy (even if it meant nothing it was still a very interesting and thought provoking experience). Besides all of this I got to know one of my friends a hell lot better and vice versa which is nice. FIN 

2014. július 22., kedd



Yeah, this is actually hair. After we sat and laid down on the bed she was still struggling with herself and tried to seduce me (by kissing my neck after I couldn't approve a real kiss and also by trying to give me a hand-job (there was kind of hard to resist the temptation to get into this shit)). She was talking about me being her second best friend and also often brought up that she should text her friend and tell him everything (I was always telling her she should wait with it till she gets totally sober). When she was better we've talked a lot about her sexual life and also about sex in general which was really interesting and seemed quite useful for me. We've also made a small walking with the wheelchair which was extremely funny (especially the way we managed to perform this). Later I also told her about my personal life (somehow in return). And finally considering the awkwardness of the situation we agreed on not to tell this to anyone in the next 5 years or so. The fact I'm posting this publicly is because no one cares. Really.

2014. július 21., hétfő


As long as I believed that she was just as drunk as I was I wasn't really care. But than everything changed when she burst out crying. At that moment I've known this wasn't the best idea. And it was also a very strange moment for me and probably a very very very awkward moment for her. After she calmed down a bit she asked me what I want and about how I enjoy all of this. I was sober enough to 'defend' myself and her against her foolish drunken personality. I managed to get us down to the ground and our flat where she literally hung on me while I was trying to give her food and water.

Yes, this is really a painting and I'm such a lazy shit that I will post it layer by layer to produce more entries.

2014. július 20., vasárnap


As we sat there we were getting more and more drunk tipsy while the sun gently disappeared on the horizon. (What a well constructed sentence.) Soon an old friend and a family came across. They soon went away too. When the Becherovka was at its 1/3 we talked about exercising and about how Juli could improve her butt leg. After that, when we've almost drunk all the Becherovka I was feeling good enough to lay down and put my had on Juli's lap. I absolutely didn't mean to seduce her. It was simply comfortable. A bit later she also laid down near me. And a bit more later she just randomly sat up and kissed me. I must admit that I wasn't that drunk as Juli and maybe I should have prevented this situation (as I have known that she has a boyfriend) but I really wasn't in the mood to prevent anything so I've just been there totally surprised.

This is Juli. She's not that scary in real. By the way this is going to be a painting. Bit by bit.

2014. július 19., szombat


So me and Juli had talked about going to Balatonfüred earlier and finally we've gone there. On the first day we've talked about a lot of things especially about making plans to the weekend. When we arrived with the train we put down our baggage in the apartment then we went shopping. We bought chicken, bread, tomato, paprika, sour cream and half liter of Becherovka. We also went to a spring to take some mineral water. When we arrived home I put all the stuff, except the bread, into the fridge. Then we made some delicious meal with these ingredients, it was like letcho with chicken and rice (which we had at home). When we finished our meal we went to walk along the Tagore promenade. We also played a bit of badminton. After that, we went up to building A to the third floor where we went up to the roof then went back to the other end of the aisle where we sat down on a couch with two cups and a bottle of Becherovka.

He's also waiting for the continuation.

2014. július 18., péntek


I must warn you that the following material will be a little bit more powerful than the usual, typical shit of mine.

A bit better shit (but not the one I've just mentioned in the foreword because it was pointing to the next entry's foreword which still won't be powerful but anyway you will know when to listen to me (probably in the entry after the next entry or so (I'm still not sure when to mention the most unexpected moments of my life (it wasn't totally unexpected (maybe I shouldn't use this much brackets (and I usually write this kind of thing in the foreword (nice))))))).

2014. július 17., csütörtök


The story: my father offered me to digitize the good old video records of the past. So I do it. I've already found priceless documentations of my childhood.

Random shit.

2014. július 16., szerda


But before I would tell you the whole story let me tell you another, shorter one.


2014. július 15., kedd


I have a huge blister on my sole. But that's not the whole story.

This is a Tapirus indicus.

2014. július 14., hétfő


and learning.... hahaha..... no, seriously.

Parson's chameleon.

2014. július 13., vasárnap



A special kind of mouse (Long-eared Jerboa).

2014. július 12., szombat

2014. július 11., péntek


And now I'm left alone with nothing to do but:


2014. július 10., csütörtök


And Aron went to his internship to London.

Have you ever heard about sirens? They are the beauties of the ocean.

2014. július 9., szerda


After the camp we came home by train and bus. We had to change twice. It was a long long way to go.

Bat. A vampire. Drakula. Edward. Oh, sorry.

2014. július 8., kedd


And finally this magnificent chair was born.


2014. július 7., hétfő

2014. július 6., vasárnap


We decided to make a three-legged chair out of walnut but it took a while to stick together the wood so I just played around a bit.

This is intended to be me.

2014. július 5., szombat


We had to make a súlykoló. So we made one.

Here you can see the súlykoló, unfortunately it's not varnished yet neither the further carvings.

2014. július 4., péntek


So here comes what we made in the next days.

And this is the back of the chair in big.

2014. július 3., csütörtök


And nice pálinka.

This is the bridge between the legs.

2014. július 2., szerda


As always we had nice meals.

 The foot of the chair.

2014. július 1., kedd


On the first day we walked around the village and made a wooden mallet to Aron.

Your hands go here.