2014. június 30., hétfő


So, we went to Zsobok. First, to Biharkeresztes with car then to Bánffyhunyad with train where Potyó waited for us. He took us to Zsobok with car. I was fond of being in Zsobok again.

This was my second work. A huge carved armchair made from oak. If I haven't mentioned it yet these are all the motives of Kalotaszeg. In the next few entries I will post the details of the same chair.

2014. június 29., vasárnap


This year I went to the woodcarving camp at Zsobok. This is my fourth occasion to go and the fifth year (because last year I was in the US) but also the first time to go with my brother. So let's see that.

At this time it's going to be a bit different than usually. I will publish my carvings in the order of their making.

2014. június 28., szombat


I will have to find out when I can go to the Museum of Natural Sciences.

Such a beauty.

2014. június 27., péntek


I found a very good book on surgery, I've almost read it. 

I love to draw these beasts so much. Ribbit, ribbit...

2014. június 26., csütörtök


After Balatonfüred we came home to Budapest and had a short picnic rehearsal at the mountains of Buda.

Actually this is the way I can cope with challenges.

2014. június 25., szerda


And once we made a huge fire than got drunk. We drank half liter of vodka but nothing happened. After that we went to kórház borház where we got so sick of a shitty liter of wine.

I hate these faces.

2014. június 24., kedd


We were also velociraptors, in special occasions.

I have a real struggle with the faces at this scale.

2014. június 23., hétfő


We watched: The Winter Soldier, The Days of Future Past, Bad Neighbors and Maleficent.

Girls again. I really have to learn that. This time the head is a bit small. And the whole thing is a bit strange.

2014. június 22., vasárnap


And we also watched films all day long while cooking of course.


2014. június 21., szombat


Then there were times we went to the house of culture to use the free wi-fi.


2014. június 20., péntek


We also went out sometimes to the beach but usually there wasn't a very good weather. Once we even walked to Sajkod and back.


2014. június 19., csütörtök


We also made a lot of IT érettségis, especially the coding parts in C#.

I've drawn this on the very same occasion.

2014. június 18., szerda


The most important thing was the cooking. We cooked all day and all night. No excuses.

I've drawn this on the train from Biharkeresztes to Bánffyhunyad (Huedin).

2014. június 17., kedd


As I mentioned earlier Angi arrived as she always does and then we didn't do much either.

Sweet monkeys.

2014. június 16., hétfő


So in Balatonfüred the program was just the totally average program at Balatonfüred. We haven't done much. But then Angi arrived...

This is George Soros, just by chance.

2014. június 15., vasárnap


So just as always I've done a lot of cool stuff in the past and I will in the future. I just have to gather all these things to write'em down right here.


2014. június 14., szombat


In fact I have a lot to make up here as I was in Balatonfüred with my brother and Angi and also in the woodcarving camp at Zsobok.

This is what we call in Hungarian an ikerlependék.

2014. június 13., péntek


Now I managed to bring it back but I'm still surprised. It became even more interesting when I realized that in the edit mode the photo is there but in my album and in the entry it's missing. How is this shit even possible?

Bicycle. Nice behind.

2014. június 12., csütörtök


My fucking foot from the first fucking entry is fucking missing! What the fuck are you doing Google?

Anyway, here is my foot for those who want to know how it looks like.

2014. június 11., szerda


And last but not least here are my plans for the near future:  read books, write essays and a personal statement, apply to several universities, participate in scientific researches, draw a lot, exercise, ride my bike, win the IBO, memorize my role in Ibolya, survive with this blog and maybe learn some IT stuff. For this time this will be enough.


2014. június 10., kedd


So here I am. The weather is horrible, the bicycles are waiting for repair. Have I mentioned the new bicycle which I bought incredibly cheap? Now I did. I'm hanging out with my brother and other members of my family. Yeah...

Mr. Midget.

2014. június 9., hétfő


Now it's essay time (this is not my opinion):

Some people believe in the traditional idea that the woman’s place is in the home, while others say that idea is outdated and that women should play an increasingly important role in the workplace of the future. What is your opinion?

The Genetic Inheritance Determines Women to Their Traditional Role

The average woman is absolutely incapable of the fulfillment of a dynamic job’s requirements. Due to the biological role of women their genome strongly determines them to the work at home. They are prominent at doing housework which is mostly about taking care of things either of a children or the cleanness of the house.

To begin with, scientists of the glorious nation of Kazakhstan have proven that the volume of the average female brain is equal to the volume of an average walnut. As I consider myself a pro-feminist person I believe that it would be totally unfair if women would do the same activities as men according to the capacity of their mental apparatus which, as I mentioned before, not suitable for doing more complex tasks, eg. reading, calculating.

Furthermore, besides it’s self-evident inefficiency if women would do a man’s job the order of our life would been turned upside down. A sane man cannot wish this. The orders of our life, just as everything else, are organic products of natural selection. If the human race, especially men, given with the ability of logical thinking, wants to shift several properties of nature they have to take it under serious consideration. And in my opinion after it they will have only one choice.

In conclusion, folks should not bother with what is given. These kinds of changes simply do not make sense. We should rather think constructively and work hard, a job which meets our abilities. And anyway what a nonsense would be something like working women?

What a lovely animal.

2014. június 8., vasárnap


I'm at home, Balatonfüred. I'm ready to ride my bike, to swim and to meet my friends and freundins. I'm looking forward for wonderful weeks here.

Aaaaaand now the party begins.

2014. június 7., szombat


I've also decided that I won't use marijuana as a drug in the future. Nevertheless I would try fungi and maybe LSD. See the results in the upcoming entries...

I made this in the second camp and I haven't felt the ground rather the heaven. So I've drawn this furnace. Very logical. 

2014. június 6., péntek


In the 801. entry let me thank you all the generous support which grounded my mental state in the camps. I really appreciate your effort and I'm very grateful for all of your help.

Cherry. No cherry.

2014. június 5., csütörtök


And also the Grand Budapest Hotel.

I drew this page in both camps and I will give you two more zooms of it. Most of it is sober, but the half face and the stove are high.

2014. június 4., szerda


And we watched GRU 2.

I drew this when I was totally high.

2014. június 3., kedd


We sat on the beach. And I just drew and drew and yeah actually I drew.

This is Eszter again. I like this drawing.

2014. június 2., hétfő


And maybe I was a bit high too.

The eye of the tiger...

2014. június 1., vasárnap


Maybe I drank too much.

This is disgusting.