2014. május 31., szombat


Once upon a time I helped Gioia to write her sociology essay in Milestone. It was quite interesting.

Normally I don't post others' drawings but sometimes I have to make exceptions. This is me by Gioia.

2014. május 30., péntek


Never mind. I will have to add labels to all my entries as I planned to do so.

This is not Eszter. This is crap. Thou it was intended to be so it's my duty to add the appropriate labels.

2014. május 29., csütörtök


While I was drawing on the shore a young couple came up to me and asked me if I could draw them, but it finally turned out that I'm not a professional and they don't have time anyway.

This is a traffic lamp for trains.

2014. május 28., szerda


In this year the class have fallen apart to two peaces as these two halves organised their very own class camp. Of course the official camp was the one in Pálköve, not the other in Balatonalmádi. Anyway I attended both.

I was drawing some stuff on the shore before the head of the class, Schubert tanár úr, has arrived.

2014. május 27., kedd


Same setting.

This is a car. And the car went away so I couldn't finish my drawing.

2014. május 26., hétfő


I arrived to Pálköve and drawn this on the shore.


2014. május 25., vasárnap


This was before I went to Balaton. I was at the Déli-Pályaudvar early at dawn. I went with a bicycle to Révfülöp.

Summer BREAK.

2014. május 24., szombat


I liked that camp since there was a lot of pot available. 

This drawing is partially drawn by the girl on the last 3 drawings. It's me as a transsexual. I think this is the first drawing on the blog which is not by me. And there's her name: Dominika Varga.

2014. május 23., péntek


Let me write here a couple of words.

So this is the final drawing of her. Not perfect but a good starting point. Also nice as a caricature.

2014. május 22., csütörtök


Drugs. Drugs are essential.

This should be the very same person. It is not. Actually she's a very hard one to draw. I've drawn her before I'll try to look it up. Me and Dénes were making fun of the impossibility of making an appropriate portrait of her.

2014. május 21., szerda


Balaton, peace, beauty. Chilling out with classmates all day long.

This drawing has a very interesting story. It intends to depict one of my classmates, but actually it doesn't fulfill the requirements of doing so.

2014. május 20., kedd


End of school. Beginning of summer.

This is a praying mantis.

2014. május 19., hétfő


And finally I have to do this to be just as smart as she was:

A bit distorted but still fine.

2014. május 18., vasárnap


Essays just like this one against globalisation. I realised that it's better to write about the opponent's arguments because than I won't get into it that much.

'Our lives have become a toy of bigger forces

Globalisation is threatening our culture, our financial stability and even our lives. The term globalisation is basically a euphemism for transnational economy, culture and will. This is the process of losing the uniqueness, individuality and independence of our nation. My views on globalisation and vision of the future will be roughly depicted in the following paragraphs.

The diversity of populations makes mankind more competitive than any other species on Earth. If we as humans do not embrace this advantage it can cause major defects in every aspect of life. All the values which has always been carefully protected from invaders by our ancestors are exposed to a non-violent, but even more dangerous tendency all-over the world. Globalisation surrounds us in every moment of our lives from the cradle to the coffin. In this world we can leave the great traditions in the past and make new ones. New ones which are predestinated by the vast propaganda firms of our times, standing behind the scenes.

In addition, pro-globalisation economy widens the gap between modern and developing countries. While European culture takes over all other cultures, in this rush of centralisation the more powerful firms will become stronger, but in developing countries due to the lack of cultural development this third industrial revolution is just worsening the quality of life in these societies.

To sum up, globalisation exploits the minorities in all possible ways thus supporting this ideology and also practising it can be a good choice neither for individuals nor for organisations.'

So pretty much that's it.

And this is our lovely turkey. With a multicolored neck and head.

2014. május 17., szombat


Anyway, I will have to write a lot of English essays.


2014. május 16., péntek


So we practiced Ibolya a lot and also met a few new people in the camp. It was pretty satisfying (just as always).

Now this is something else. In mirror translation: moon horn bug.

2014. május 15., csütörtök


I showed them the world and Tiny Tim too.

And again.

2014. május 14., szerda


So there were a bunch of people on the farm including Anna, Ráhel, András, Stella, Dávid, Regina, Virág and her family and me of course. Besides this I also have to mention Karcsi and Zsuzsa our lovely hosts.

And again.

2014. május 13., kedd


Draw! Just draw more!

So I've stuck up this injector in the ass of this innocent fly to be able to draw it. My cruelty has no limit. And the old Hungarian proverb doesn't apply for me: A légynek sem tudna ártani.

2014. május 12., hétfő


The farm was amazing as always with all those animals, people and last but not least with that peace and tranquility. 

A dead vulture on the timber. Very stylish.

2014. május 11., vasárnap


I've drawn this at 4:30 am. It was pretty cool. I mean the weather.

Not that happy face.

2014. május 10., szombat


So I also went to the drama camp which was on a small farm near Bócsa.

I don't really like this drawing though it reminds me of others' drawings on LSD.

2014. május 9., péntek


Oh, very well.

A discovery drawing.

2014. május 8., csütörtök


So I was in Vienna and I liked it very much. I was also in a group where we made a presentation about autos.

This is a very suspicious drawing my good old fellows.

2014. május 7., szerda


Since the last entry the German project has been finished too.

This is how I will look as the composer.

2014. május 6., kedd


I also have a 5 in Media. I'm almost perfect.

Frigyes Karinthy, funny guy.

2014. május 5., hétfő


I'm getting closer to my epic goal, to be in the present.

Gyula Juhász, depressed, pathetic, but definitely genial Hungarian poet.

2014. május 4., vasárnap


Soon I will go to Wien, Bugacpuszta, Balatonfüred and Zsobok. I'm looking forward to a fantastic holiday!

Drawn adaptation of a fancy painting von Gustav Klimt.

2014. május 3., szombat


Shit! I have to write here something.

The great author of our nation, Gyula Krúdy.

2014. május 2., péntek


I'm all alone in this room waiting for something strange and magical. Actually not. In fact I'm in my room my parents are in the other. I'm typing this bullshit on the computer while the router is crashed and sometimes I take a look at my huge self portrait. That's it.

I love this guy. James Joyce.

2014. május 1., csütörtök


I have new clothes. Summer is starting. I need to be very, very, very ridiculously good-looking.

This bird should have the Noble Prize. This is the last bird, I swear.