2014. március 31., hétfő


I won't be bald. Probably. At least before the Ibolya performance... Orsi will be disappointed.

Alien ape.

2014. március 30., vasárnap


I started to draw nude photos. Let's see what will happen. And if I will dare to publish them (coz I'm so shy).

An ape's skull.

2014. március 29., szombat


We went down to Balatonfüred. Nice place you gotta try it.

This is my church.

2014. március 28., péntek


I haven't got high. See you next time.

Behind God's back.

2014. március 27., csütörtök


Let's have a tea together to celebrate this amazing drawing. And that I'm gonna get stoned (hopefully).

LEGO Yoda master.

2014. március 26., szerda


On the one hand, I have not that bad grades. On the other hand, I have not that good grades.

Dr. Mackó inspired me.

2014. március 25., kedd


I've talked with Molnárka, who said that she can get me in to ELTE's microbiology department which would be great for me to prepare for the IBO next year and also generally for my future carrier (and most importantly because it's fucking amazingly incredibly doge{under doge I mean doge interesting}).

What a nice ass nose.

2014. március 24., hétfő


We're done with everything here. I'll just go bury myself.

This is bullshit.

2014. március 23., vasárnap


The last task was about mice with Alzheimer's disease. In fact we were just supposed to be able to use two sample t-test.

Kind of a prisoner.

2014. március 22., szombat


So in this part we had to count small pieces of paper then fill out huge sheets and draw diagrams. It was a total waste of time. 

Maybe yes. Maybe no. Maybe fuck yourself.

2014. március 21., péntek


I assume that we are done with three of the four sessions so now comes one more. The ecology. I hate ecology though it can be interesting. 

Just a fantasy drawing of a chest x-ray.

2014. március 20., csütörtök


The larvae stuff wasn't bad too. We had to look at five differently stained sample of larvae to distinguish the different mRNA activity in the different parts in them. We also had to draw them but in this case my drawing capability wasn't worth much. In pair with this exercise we had to answer some simple questions about the mRNA and enzyme activity in the larvae. That one was pretty easy (max point). And we also had a task with cladistics which was kind of OK. This session was my favorite (the whole animal physiology thing).


2014. március 19., szerda


The first part with the Drosophila melanogasters was fantastic. We got'em in 5 small jars (they were alive) and in every jar there were a different mutant kind. We had to observe them with a stereo microscope to distinguish and identify them. Nobody were allowed to open the jars but the fucking Drosophila melanogasters were shitting all over the glass so it was impossible to see them with the microscope. So I took one from each jar and after I killed'em I could fucking observe each small key to the mutations. I simply loved this one. We also had to do a small calculation with genes and chromosome stuff but that wasn't so exciting (with cM, two and three loci mapping).


2014. március 18., kedd


The next exercise was animal physiology and systematics. We had a genetic part with Drosophila melanogasters and an enzyme activity part with Drosophila melanogaster larvae.

This is just a depressed person with a huge penis.

2014. március 17., hétfő


The electrophoresis should have been better. But it wasn't. We had no time to do it correctly not even a tiny little chance. So finally I could only do the micropipetting and the construction of the machines.

This was a literature lesson.

2014. március 16., vasárnap


Here we had to perform a couple of trials about enzyme kinetics and electrophoresis. The enzyme kinetics part wasn't bad. We had to sink small pieces of weighted paper into peroxidase then put into hydrogen peroxide and measure the time while it was floating up. Unfortunately most people sank it in ethanol because it was in a test tube with a letter 'E'.

A piece of home.

2014. március 15., szombat


The next exercise was molecular and cell biology. Next time I'm gonna go into further details.

So bad. Back to America 5

2014. március 14., péntek


And finally there were some tasks about making diagrams and differentiate C3 and C4 photosynthesis from a bunch of data. Wasn't the best. And today is one of our national shits.

Back to America 4

2014. március 13., csütörtök


In the same session we had to make a nail-polish section which I couldn't do. Fuck it.

I really love this one. Back to America 3 Unfortunately it's a bit transparent. Next time.

2014. március 12., szerda


In this first exercise we had to make a trial about photosynthesis. We made alga pearls and put them into an indicator solution then exposed them to light from different distances to measure the activity of the photosynthesis. This test didn't work for anyone around there. Fuck it.

Back to America 2

2014. március 11., kedd


The first exercise was the plant physiology and anatomy thing. If I haven't mentioned yet every exercise took one and a half hours which was way too short for making those appropriately. Normally each one would have taken about four hours.

Back to America.

2014. március 10., hétfő


Every year there are four main themes of the IBO. This year's themes are cell and molecular biology, plant physiology and anatomy, animal physiology systematics and ecology & ethology. To every theme there was a laboratory exercise for us.

Actually I drew this on the morning of the second day of the competition where I a felt like a piece of shit so I had to draw really big eyes for myself to wake me up.

2014. március 9., vasárnap


I have to tell you the second day at least in four parts. So wait for that.

Bad attempt.

2014. március 8., szombat


So the first part of the 4th round was the theoretical paper of last year's actual test. This means that we spent two time two and a half hours with filling about 360 questions in total. Much anxiety. Very annoying. Such Dodge. In fact a I felt defenselessness. It was pretty hard. After it we went home and talked about how bad was it then we went to a pizzeria.

Such a hipster.

2014. március 7., péntek


On the first day I went to the railway station to meet my company, two really smart people from Zugló. We jumped up onto the train where I met the 1st person in the competition and a girl from Cegléd. So we traveled along like this and chat about the IBO and carrier plans among us. Then we arrived to Szeged, the Hungarian capital of natural sciences. The others went with tram, but I walked to the Radnóti Miklós Kísérleti Iskola just to see again the spectacular city of Szeged.


2014. március 6., csütörtök


Back to the IBO. In the next couple of entries I will tell you about the 4th round of the IBO which was down in Szeged.

I like to draw my hand and for the first time it's colored.

2014. március 5., szerda


Because of that I'm pretty excited about internal medicine and diagnostics.


2014. március 4., kedd


I haven't even mentioned my brand new House MD addiction. I have to watch all the episodes or I will have withdrawal symptoms.


2014. március 3., hétfő


I have to admit that I'm also over the fourth round of this IBO thing. I will have to give you a very precise review of that.

Kosztolányi Dezső.

2014. március 2., vasárnap


My 'capital punishment' homework:

Should Capital Punishment be Introduced in Hungary?

Death penalty is one of the most dividing issues in contemporary politics, especially in the USA but also all over the world. In Hungary since the fall of communism capital punishment is not used, but nowadays there is a new trend of radical parties and they want this topic to come under fresh consideration.

On the one hand, capital punishment in general is a very simple and reasonable idea. It has a lot of economic advantages compared to keeping prisoners in jail. Also, it is a highly effective deterrent for potential criminals since life is our most valuable property. Morally it can be rightful too as it is a great reprisal for some very serious crimes such as murder.

On the other hand, the whole concept is fairly unstable ethically due to its inflexibility when the convict was actually innocent and can be criticized for its brutality because one can say that killing a person is categorically wrong. Also, in the case where someone commits a murder the culprit might not think about the consequences of their act.

In conclusion, there are many arguments for both sides to come up with. This issue is highly controversial and involves many value judgments, therefore everyone must decide for him or herself which position they wish to support.

Nice look.

2014. március 1., szombat


My 'contribution to a longer piece' essay:

In Hungary attitudes to older people are totally acceptable. Most youngsters treat them respectfully and adults also try to handle them with patience. I think this case will be worse in the future, since our social values are in trouble.

It is clear that not everybody thinks the same, but in my opinion the social position of the Hungarian elderly population is very low. Most of these people live their lives on a definitely unsatisfactory pension which makes them a bad consumer although the Hungarians is an aging society so we have a lot of retired people who make a great purchasing power. Old people in the family are in a two sided situation, they can be a burden to the family but at the same time they  usually have some kind of prestige. Additionally, Hungarian employers do not really like old people maybe because they are more expensive than new employees. It is also often said that older people are treated in an unsuitable way in the public healthcare system because it is not an interest of the government to keep people on pension alive.

In my opinion the attitude to older people will not really change and if it will just in a bad way. As I mentioned before, Hungarians are aging and old people will be a huge problem if there will not be a sufficient supply of a new generation. Also, we respect old people less and less and if this will not change it is going to be a huge problem to all of us. The only suitable way to this problem if we try to keep this aging generation in a good condition so they will be able to be an active part of our society.

To summarize, I would say that we have to be very careful about what we are doing to each other at the moment because sometime everybody is going to be old and if we do not take the responsibility now, nobody will take it apart from us.