2014. február 28., péntek


This is my 'informal review' homework:

Hi there! I want to introduce the Hungarian Palace of Arts, the MÜPA to you. This epic building was built in 2005 and it’s one of the most popular cultural institutions in Hungary. It perfectly meets the demands of the XXI. century, it combines very different materials in one huge area in unprecedented harmony. This is a group of 3 buildings. The ‘Bartók Béla Nemzeti Hangversenyterem’ (Béla Bartók National Auditorium) which is the main building. It has a huge organ and 1889 seats. Another building is the ‘Fesztivál Színház’ (Festival Theatre) which has a 750m2 stage. The last building is the ‘Ludwig Kortárs Művészeti Múzeum’ (Ludwig Museum of Contemporary Arts). It’s a three storey building with an area of 12 700 m². The location of the MÜPA is not perfectly in the city centre, it’s a bit southern from that to avoid the traffic noises so you can enjoy the pure music. Also the main auditorium is standing on huge springs to absorb the remaining vibrations from outside. If you are a great fan of arts and you are in Hungary you should take a look at the website of the MÜPA (mupa.hu) and check out the recent concerts, plays or exhibitions. You will definitely love it. Don’t hesitate if you have any questions or you want another review of a Hungarian building or sight.

2014. február 27., csütörtök


My 'for and against essay' homework:

Public healthcare system should treat chronic diseases

Medical technology is getting better and at the same time more and more expensive. We can treat such illnesses we haven’t even dreamt of fifty years ago and our healthcare system has to cope with these new economic demands. The reason why I chose chronic diseases is that they are the most expensive of all kinds because they require long-term treatment in contrast with acute diseases.

On the one hand, our society somehow has a responsibility for every single human in it, therefore we have to regard human life as a very precious thing. Theoretically we should always make an effort to keep people in the best possible condition. This also means that nobody has the right to decide on whether or not a person should live, even if this was logical in a way. Because human life is so precious we cannot really compare it with the economic downsides of this system. For example, if somebody goes into a hospital the doctors should not kill him and give his organs to other people, though in this way more people would be happy.

On the other hand, if we look at the function of the public healthcare system it has a totally logical reason to treat people. This reason is mainly economic; when people are sick they cannot go to work and this generates a shortfall in GDP and also in the income of the state (through taxes). In this approach we would have to treat as many people as possible in the cheapest way, furthermore we should not treat well most people with chronic and especially fatal diseases since we could spend that money on more people’s cure.

In conclusion, we have to compromise between the two extremes. The health insurance should cover the therapy of basic illnesses and a part of chronic and other, more expensive illnesses and this way it could stay economically stable and quite humane at the same time.

I can cope with that.

2014. február 26., szerda


My 'article' homework:

Don’t Worry, Be Happy!

Are you the kind of person who usually feels low? Or just sometimes have those distressing moments? I guess you are reading this article because you want to relieve yourself a bit at these times. Here let me give you some tips.

The very basic thing I do when I feel blue is trying to pay attention to something else. You may say it’s easier told than done so I am going to give you a handful of examples. The easiest way of doing this is to go out for a walk or run a mile while looking at the sky and all the creatures around you. This always makes me more optimistic. You can also do other exercises or play a game maybe make something useful, like arm knit a scarf for your mother. The main thing is to be an active part of your environment and not to turn your face inwards.

Finally you always have to think about what you can do, not about what you have done or what has happened to you. You should look straight forward and imagine all the great things you already have and the things you can do for a better world. One more thing if you are really depressed: don’t be an enemy of yourself, nothing will get better by that.

Dat ass.

2014. február 25., kedd

2014. február 24., hétfő


Next time I will paste here one of my essays.

Was ein Jesus. Sehr Kunst. Mehr Dodge.

2014. február 23., vasárnap


So I'm the 3rd in the second round and the 8th overall. Just wait for the final shit.

Very transcendent.

2014. február 22., szombat


Since I don't get your answers I have to share with you the fact that I'm already over even the third round of this competition. Just one more round (if I will get into that).

Whatawhat. Dodge. Miner. You're gonna regret your search.

2014. február 21., péntek


Do you want to hear about IBO?

Prostate and vesicula seminalis at the Museum of Anatomy.

2014. február 20., csütörtök


More to Life than being Really Really Really Ridiculously Good Looking...


2014. február 19., szerda


So I cannot just continue where I ended my story last time. I really need some...time...


2014. február 18., kedd


I'm so fucking miserable in so many ways. It's 19 of April so I have at least two months to catch up with this screwed up blog.

What a pretty little face.

2014. február 17., hétfő


I definitely have to digitize more drawings.

And I want to finish this session with this beautiful ME.

2014. február 16., vasárnap


I must think that I'm fucking awesome. God bless me.

A cute little foetus in a womb with the placenta.

2014. február 15., szombat


What do you think of yourself?

Too artistic for a study.

2014. február 14., péntek


And I've also taken the second round of IBO. Yes, that's how things work.

I wonder how long it takes for you to recognize this.

2014. február 13., csütörtök


While the fucking OKTV still doesn't have a fucking result.

And they stood hand in hand in the Museum of Anatomy.

2014. február 12., szerda


Of course I got into the second round.

I love this drawing. It feels so natural to me.

2014. február 11., kedd


And I already know the result of it.


2014. február 10., hétfő


And I've taken the first round of the IBO.


2014. február 9., vasárnap


So I've also taken the second round of the OKTV.

Old, naked man.

2014. február 8., szombat


Judge me!

Face made of faces and a bit of biology during literature. 

2014. február 7., péntek


So you can ask why I haven't posted anything. It's all biology's fault. I can tell you that practicing for the IBO (International Biology Olympiad) is exhausting. Definitely a tiring thing to do.

Babits and others.

2014. február 6., csütörtök


Fortunately I have a lot of stories to share with you. So wait for it...

Very different kinds of thingies.

2014. február 5., szerda


I've got an awful lot to do here. In fact today is the 11. of March so it's pretty serious.

STOP! Don't do anything! Just relax and listen to the music!

2014. február 4., kedd


Oh yeah! This is it. I've already set it as my Facebook profile picture.

This is ME.

2014. február 3., hétfő


0678, what a title! Just wait another minute for the best painting I've ever made.

Guess where I drew this.

2014. február 2., vasárnap


Just wait a minute for some cool stuff.

This is shit.

2014. február 1., szombat


And finally here is February. Thank God.

What a swallow.