2014. január 31., péntek


I feel like my lungs are exploding.

He neither feels good.

2014. január 30., csütörtök


I'm a bit sick at the moment but I'm getting better. I wanted to go to school but my mother didn't agree. What a moment.

Some weird shit.

2014. január 29., szerda


Can I say something crazy? I have seen Frozen. These Disney films are getting sicker from time to time.

I should take better images of my works. Can you see the guy sitting on the invisible chair?

2014. január 28., kedd


I took the second round of the OKTV. I'm really excited about my score.

What a chameleon.

2014. január 27., hétfő


Have you ever dissected a little mouse? Maybe you should. Especially if you have a good microscope and special paints to color the tissues.

I'm so egoist. I really love me. Also from the Museum of Anatomy.

2014. január 26., vasárnap


Look below. It's not a duck. Right?

Some anatomy stuff. Humerus, Ulna and Radius. From the Museum of Anatomy.

2014. január 25., szombat


I could just die in this chair I'm sitting right now.

You could think this is the end. In fact, nope.

2014. január 24., péntek


I should have much more time.

This is not cool. But I'm going to show you some cool stuff.

2014. január 23., csütörtök


I got three books for free at Bálint Ház: Képregén (The Cartoon Guide to Genetics), Mikroben Jäger and Männer die den Tod besiegen. It's a great combo to learn German.

What a biology lesson.

2014. január 22., szerda

2014. január 21., kedd


I can almost do the 4 ball cascade. It's a real improvement.

Dat face.

2014. január 20., hétfő


We will have a talent show in our school. I'm really excited coz we only have this in every second year.

Please tell me why am I so miserable.

2014. január 19., vasárnap


I don't even remember when I wrote a single entry.

Ady was a real badass.

2014. január 18., szombat


Too damn sick to think real. Otherwise this entry's date is the date of my birth. Just had to mention.

What a nice job.

2014. január 17., péntek


I'm not exactly in the mood to learn biology what I should have to do.

What a nice mutant baby.

2014. január 16., csütörtök


DuoLingo arrived to Hungary with English language learning opportunity; not the best but fairly good.

It could be your hand too.

2014. január 15., szerda


This two week delay is a bit too much. So I have to cut down on this.

So serious.

2014. január 14., kedd


You don't wanna fuck with me.

I <3 to dissect.

2014. január 13., hétfő


I feel I'm getting worse and worse in English with every single day.

I don't really want to be a cartoonist so I won't.

2014. január 12., vasárnap


Who cares about silly people's silly business?

Wonderful genetics.

2014. január 11., szombat


I must let you that I was again at the Institution of Pathology and this time I could see some damn interesting autopsy. Next time I will give you the properties.

I was like: When will this motherfucking bullshit end???, at grammar lesson.

2014. január 10., péntek


You know I don't wanna be boastful but I've got an A* at my biology examination (five years' curriculum).

Just an evil doctor.

2014. január 9., csütörtök


Such a great pleasure listening to a lecture when you have no idea about what the lecturer is saying; I was at the Institution of Pathology, listened to lecture about thyroidal and adrenal gland's cancer's histology. What a nice field of science.

I don't always draw naked women but when I do I do it in a sick way (and during literature lessons).

2014. január 8., szerda


The wart on my left hand is getting better and better.

What a vast variety of facial expressions.

2014. január 7., kedd


Dear reader, please take a moment to look at my wonderful life.... ok, that will do... now you can go.... get out of here!

Nó fing.

2014. január 6., hétfő


I am addicted to Clash of Clans although I am not a big fan of computer games.

Show me somebody worth knowing!

2014. január 5., vasárnap

2014. január 4., szombat


Here's another:

Some people believe that it is the parents’ responsibility to teach their children how to be a good member of our society. Other people think that children should learn all this in their schools. So let us try to understand why they should think what they do and what the limits of their opinions and this topic are.

The group which thinks the parents should teach their children to act in a decent way is more liberal in my opinion. They think that the society does not need a uniformed kind of social education and the family is fully responsible for the behaviour of their children. They might also think that school is a place to learn objective knowledge and they don’t want their children to be affected by the values of the nation or any political interests. This opinion is reasonable if we think about the highly uniformed educational system of less democratic countries and its effects on the society. 

The other group thinks that it is vital for everyone to have a uniformed, stable and reliable base for their future lifestyles. In their view nobody should be left alone with their more or less bad family environment. This is a way to give everybody a chance to take their useful part in the life of the society in this group’s opinion. It’s reasonable if we think of the children who are bullied or exploited in their families or in school and later they will not be successful and the children who bullied them will become criminals.

My opinion is based on the principle of the happy medium. So I think that the school and the parents should also take their part from the social education of the children with the least possible contradictions in their views. Of course a small amount of differences in the opinions is not a problem; I think that it is useful if a child knows different options to choose from.

The dark ages.

2014. január 3., péntek


I'm going to cheat a bit now. I'm going to share you some homework I made.

Causes of Worldwide Land Degradation

During the 1990’s the main causes of worldwide land degradation were: over-grazing, deforestation and over-cultivation. All of these covered approximately 93 percent of the total degradation of lands. Additionally, the data broken down to these main causes it seems like this: 35% over-grazing, 30% deforestation , 28% over-cultivation and 7% other causes. This is the worldwide data. Now take a closer look to the same dataset by regions.

North America can be proud of its low rate of degradation which is just 5 percent in total. Deforestation rate is pretty low (0.2%), over-grazing is more frequent, but still fairly good (1.5%) and over cultivation is the most likely cause of land degradation, but in fact it is acceptable too (3.3%). 
In Oceania the total degradation is 13 percent which is far worse than in North America. Now let us move from the most important cause which is over-grazing (11.3%) through deforestation (1.7%) to the astonishing fact that in Oceania over-cultivation as a cause of land degradation does not count at all.
In Europe we have the highest rate of land degradation which is 23 percent unfortunately. The most common cause is deforestation (9.8%), the second is over-cultivation (7.7%) and the least is over-grazing.

At this point we had a look at the raw data but what could this all mean? We should take a look at some simple relations between our data and the basic preferences of the regions we have seen. For example in Europe the high rate of deforestation is due to the dense population. Another exciting piece data is the rate of over-cultivation in Oceania because it’s 0 percent. How is this possible? In the way that in Oceania there are hardly any opportunities for growing plants so they simply don’t really do it very often.

Just an art history lesson.

2014. január 2., csütörtök


Yo, let me continue where I just have stopped. We thought we should visit district seven coz it's a much more popular place to celebrate with friends and we believed that there we would have the chance to meet someone we know. Unfortunately we haven't met anybody. After this I called some of my friends if they have any idea where should we go to party and one of them didn't answer the phone. The same girl called me back several minutes later that she is willing to meet us and she knows a place where is a house party. So eventually we met her and we felt like we were redeemed. And the moment we arrived to the final location of this part a boy opened the door who was our friend... I must tell you that me and my brother knew even more people from this party than the girl who invited us. It was such a relief. We've also met some new people and we talked through the night we left around 10 a.m.. So that was our New Year's Eve.

ADY... Jóllakott óvodás sztájl.

2014. január 1., szerda


So today, finally I'm going to tell you my story of New Year's Eve. Pay attention.

On New Year's Eve we usually celebrating with one of Aaron's past classmates, but this year we thought that we should have a more interesting program than this. So as New Year's Eve came closer and closer two days before it we (me and my brother) decided to look for some parties to go to, but it wasn't just as simple as this. At first we hadn't found any then I tried to contact my Facebook friends to ask for help but they hadn't had any ideas too, so finally we could meet two people, two mathematicians. One of them is our relative who's 65 years old and the other one is not a close friend who is 35. When we met at a pub in district eight we had no idea what should we do with our time. Will be continued...

And I also reward you with this pathological skull my dears.