2013. október 31., csütörtök


I'm doing math because math is wonderful.

I was in the Museum of Anatomy. I think you've already realized it too.

2013. október 30., szerda


What is this whole thing for?

My classmate Gioia wants to be an engineer therefore she started to learn drawing. I've drawn her a perspective from her name.

2013. október 29., kedd


Next week -> English competition. I really don't know this fucking language enough.

I've drawn this after I got my test. I was disappointed because of my results. Fuck Győri.

2013. október 28., hétfő


Too much to learn. I have to read something relaxing e.g.: The Stress of Life by the great Hungarian endocrinologist Hans Selye (Selye János).

Yeah, so this is the first page of my new sketchbook. It contains some crazy shit. But not as crazy and not as shit as the next entries will be.

2013. október 27., vasárnap


I also carried on with Duolingo which is a great, online language learning platform.

The last page of my sketchbook.

2013. október 26., szombat


My recent favorite music is Alles Neu by Peter Fox. I just wanted to start learning German so I searched for Deutsche Lieder. I found a couple of great German music to listen to.

Now this one is great. The face below is my classmate, Richard while listening to the Mackó's bull shit.

2013. október 25., péntek


I've called those people I wanted. That's enough for today.

So many faces to draw.

2013. október 24., csütörtök


Isn't it wonderful when somebody starts drawing and you can see how it's turning into something understandable. When you're wondering WTF is it going to be. That was one of the strongest impressions which lead me to drawing.

Give me more HONEY!

2013. október 23., szerda


Oh, and I plan to read Harry Potter (the Hungarian version) to the old lady in the hospital too. I'm wondering if she will like it or not.

Haha funny boy.

2013. október 22., kedd


I also started to read Harry Potter in English to learn. I love HP.

Just like a dementor. No not really.

2013. október 21., hétfő


I'm making a Harry Potter marathon (films) as I made it with the books earlier. It'd be a total waste of time if I'd not watch them in the spectacular tongue of English.

What an excellent boy.

2013. október 20., vasárnap


I was in the Museum of Anatomy. I have drawn a skull, a piece of face and a pelvis. I'm not sure if I can legally upload them onto this blog or not. Anyway they turned out super.

Just some experiment.

2013. október 19., szombat


Angéla also had an Autumn brake for one week so we could meet. She told me about life in Finland and about the difference between Hungary and Finland in the perspective of people's attitude and social politics.

I like this page. I had sad this in Kutz: I don't need weed to be high. (I could say at the end 'above the sky' but it didn't come to my mind at that certain moment.)

2013. október 18., péntek


In our theatrical company we thought about to play some of Örkény's novellas. It's going to be a very exciting work.

Some faces, just the average.

2013. október 17., csütörtök


If  I want to become prominent in school I have to learn a lot. This isn't news. I'm lazy, that's neither. So how will all this shit work out for me. I don't have the slightest idea about it. Probably I will torture myself with all this study thing. Yes. Actually this will happen.


2013. október 16., szerda


I have to learn more math. MATH. I started Khan Academy. I really like it.

Average biology lesson.

2013. október 15., kedd


Four tests on one day. Nothing unusual.

On the left me who doesn't give a shite.

2013. október 14., hétfő


I should make a word list of  the Brave New World.

An Ork and some of his mates.

2013. október 13., vasárnap


It's a very though work to do some social activity in Hungary.

Oh I love this page. It's very colorful... not literally you know.

2013. október 12., szombat


I ran two kilometers in 8:24. Last year I made it in 8:44. Again.

Our teacher practitioner.

2013. október 11., péntek


I made 20 dips. Last year I could do 12. Great improvement.

Just shite on grammar lesson.

2013. október 10., csütörtök


I strated to read a book about the Hungarian Nobel Prize laureates. It's pretty interesting.

Dr. Katalin Molnár Headmaster's portrait. My recent favourite. I'm going to paint it too.

2013. október 9., szerda


I had my first class in REND-SZÁM.

Ms. Big Tits.

2013. október 8., kedd


Probably on every Wednesday I will go to the Museum of Anatomy. I like it this way.

Oh that wasn't nice from you.

2013. október 7., hétfő


What a nice job volunteering is.

Mr. Smith.

2013. október 6., vasárnap


I made a short introduction to my class about the UK application system. I hope they liked it.

Weedy style.

2013. október 5., szombat


And after many troubles I'm here in the present. And I have also repaired my bicycle's tube.

Some archaic shit. Inspired by the art history lessons.

2013. október 4., péntek


The next entry will be in real time. Yooppeeeee!

One of my first drawings with my Wacom tablet. I tried out my portable CS5.

2013. október 3., csütörtök


Oh this is my 555. entry. Really.

Nice job. Actually I just tried out my Wacom driver with it.

2013. október 2., szerda


I would have to practice more chemical calculations.

This is an old drawing I didn't want to publish because it's not finished yet. Soon I realized that I never will. Finally this is Helen from The Cripple of Inishman.

2013. október 1., kedd


I ought to jot down more English phrases.

Very impressive.