2013. augusztus 31., szombat


I caught a cold. Unfortunatelly. But I will keep on working out till I'm a zombie.

This is Orsi Szabó, a classmate of mine.

2013. augusztus 30., péntek


Now we have another krav-maga teacher temporarily. He is brutal.

This is a penniless grasshopper.

2013. augusztus 29., csütörtök


I will have to learn harder. I'm lazy as shit.


2013. augusztus 28., szerda


I found my glowing bracelet from Kutz and it's not glowing.

It says 'The warm potato is looking similar to the cool potato.'

2013. augusztus 27., kedd


Maybe everything will turn out and I will be able to study biology with 'Squirrel'.

This is my classmate Szonja Szafonov. Not exactly the way she looks like.

2013. augusztus 26., hétfő


Have I showered? I don't think so.


2013. augusztus 25., vasárnap


I have submitted my application for OKTV. One thing less that I have to bear in mind.

One of my classmates said 'Would you draw a frog with a hat and monocle?'.

2013. augusztus 24., szombat


I will go to the "Drawing and Visual Culture" OKTV. Fuck yeah!


2013. augusztus 23., péntek


I hate German lessons. That's all for today.

This is the shoe of Eszter who is my classmate.

2013. augusztus 22., csütörtök


It's getting cooler day by day. Time to NOT wear warm clothes.

He is one of my classmates, Dénes Balázs Róbert. He can draw very well, he was a great motivation for me to start drawing. He is also very critical to my artworks. Former I posted some of his drawings in my version.

2013. augusztus 21., szerda


Have I mentioned Fortress? He is a Russian American, Christian, crazy and muscular guy who has a very good working out channel on YT. I started to do some workout but I still can't do the flag. But I'm not pressed for time to do it.

Saint Square Head.

2013. augusztus 20., kedd


I will try to copy and process the artworks of Egon Schiele. He was totally insane (like schizophrenic). And very interesting.

Just a enormous rat.

2013. augusztus 19., hétfő


I found that it can be extremely mind-fucking to organize an event. Especially a tennis class.

He is Mr. Sausage.

2013. augusztus 18., vasárnap


It is very oppressive that I have a lot of books at home about medicine, chemistry and biology but in fact I don't feel up to read them.

I don't really know who is he.

2013. augusztus 17., szombat


I have to admit that I'd have to learn much more English on a higher intensity.

He is my literature teacher. Very kind one. And a goat eye in his head.

2013. augusztus 16., péntek


I really don't know what should I do when I'm too tired to do anything. Thou I think that I will have enough stuff to do.

Ms. Fatty Rabbit

2013. augusztus 15., csütörtök


'That's how I want you to learn especially neuroanatomy.'

All I want you to do is VISUALIZE.

2013. augusztus 14., szerda


I'm also planning to go to some research with the high school student program 'KutDiak'. I will try to make the best of this year. I have to.

Another leaf.

2013. augusztus 13., kedd


At school I started to learn neurobiology. It turned out that this field is very interesting. So I tried to learn more about it. I have tried to find some classes and video courses about neurology and obviously I found some. Now I learn neurobiology from several courses on MIT and Duke University. And also from my own biology and anatomy books.


2013. augusztus 12., hétfő


I will go to the OKTV which is kind of the 'Country's Competition for High School Students'. This is a well-known competition in Hungary. I entered for biology, chemistry, math, English and IT. So here is my program for the rest of the year. Hahaha.

This is an ivy leaf.

2013. augusztus 11., vasárnap


Tomorrow will be the first day of class-trip. We will walk through the city and take some photos of it.

Too many plants for a life.

2013. augusztus 10., szombat


Probably I will meet again my kindergarten mates after 11 years. That's pretty cool.


2013. augusztus 9., péntek


Oké. Az ötszázadik (500!!!) bejegyzés alkalmából átváltok magyar nyelvre, mivel ez mégiscsak egy csodaszép cucc. Bár az is lehet, hogy leírom angolul is, de igazából nem fogom, mert félek, hogy nem lesz elég jó a fordítás. Szóval mindenki örvendezzék, hogy ezt is megéltük!

Ez pedig még mindig a legjobb arborétumi rajzom. Ez van.

2013. augusztus 8., csütörtök


This series is the worst of the history of this blog.

This is an adorable fruit.

2013. augusztus 7., szerda


I really feel ashamed of posting such stuff but I truly don't have better at the moment.

For my excuse I usually don't draw plants. So it's pretty irregular I think.

2013. augusztus 6., kedd


This post going to be a piece of garbage. So this is it.

We was in an arboretum with my family. I drew some fancy plant because I have to wright some entries into my blog.

2013. augusztus 5., hétfő


After my experiences in the fields of pathology I went to meet with Dorothy. We spoke through the day about our studies and thoughts. It was pleasant.

She is Emese who is an English teacher in my high school. She was in the camp too.

2013. augusztus 4., vasárnap


We found a tumour in the oesophagus and took a sample of it. We sent it to the lab. Later, we went up to the lab to observe the cancerous tissue. It was very exciting with all the irregular cells in it.

He is Marton Hernádi. Also from camp.

2013. augusztus 3., szombat


The corpse just waited for us. János the butcher have made some preparations before we came. When we arrived it was already without its full rib cage and János started to take out the organs. He started with the heart then he went through the lungs, kidneys, spleen, liver, stomach, pancreas, throat, bowel, bladder and finally the brain.This last one was extremely interesting. János cut the skin at the back of the head and pulled it over the face. Then he cut the skull with a. electric (vibrating) saw and cut the optic nerves with the spinal cord. Later, he took out the brain and gave it to us. The body was fresh of course so I had the opportunity to feel the real structure of the tissues by touching them.

He is Benjamin Bódi. He is the other grandchild of Anna.

2013. augusztus 2., péntek


Back to the autopsy. At first I had to go to the Institute for 7:50 am and I didn't know how to get there. Then I was there at 7:30 so I had to wait for the guy who made the dissection.  Of course he was late. When he arrived we went to the dissection hall where he read the report of death. Then I had to put on all the protection (gloves and aprons). After all we went to the cadaver.

This is Sara Bódi. Also from camp. She is the grandchild of the head of our group.

2013. augusztus 1., csütörtök


I started to read the autobiography of Golda Meir. It's stunning. In the next post I will tell you more about the dissection.

This girl is Sara Wolf. I drew her in the theatrical camp as well as others -> see in the following posts.