2013. július 31., szerda


Have I ever mentioned what I plan to do in my next year? I won't do it now. I will write about what I did yesterday instead. I was in the Institute of Pathology at Semmelweis Medical University. Tomorrow  I will tell you about what I did there.

This is a picture of one of my classmates. He is David Schein.

2013. július 30., kedd


At the farm of Csíkszentmihályi Karcsi we also caught some lizards as last year with Anna's grandchildren. There were some goats, pigs and chickens too. And a couple of dogs.

She is Dayna our lesbian who got blue hair. She was cute. We have spoken about socialism and charity, helping people. She wants to be a Rabbi. Good luck Dayna!

2013. július 29., hétfő


I don't know if I have mentioned before but I was in this theatric camp again at Bugacpuszta. It was just as good as last year and we started to work with a drama from Eugéne Ioneso. This is the Bald Soprano. I can recommend it to everyone who likes absurd.

This is David Maxa from the Czeh Republic. He was a partner for me when the time came to speak about my difficulties as a Middle-European. Thank you David.

2013. július 28., vasárnap


I simply don't know what I am already talked about.

I forgot his name. Sorry X.

2013. július 27., szombat


I just realized, that the browser Safari is a peace of shit. (Especially on Windows.) 

Hannah started to be drown in the fitness room too, but later on we had to go up to Art Room 1 to finish the drawing. Coz they started their film or whatever.

2013. július 26., péntek


My brother started to learn playing the piano. Good luck Aaron! (He has one month to do it.)

She is Dara. Nice girls, I made her a little present for her birthday. A pair of twisty earrings. I hope you are well Dara. By the way I made this one in the fitness room.

2013. július 25., csütörtök


I found Duolingo on PlayStore and I started to refresh my German skills and started to learn a little French as well. I like it very much because of the game like style of the hole thing. It makes learning enjoyable.
Still Sophia. While reading.

2013. július 24., szerda


Recently I tried out coding on Codecademy and I love it. I already learned HTML and CSS now I'm learning JavaScript. Truly awesome.

Sophia again. With a fabulous ear.

2013. július 23., kedd


I still must learn English. I'll be tired of it. But I have to do it. I don't have a fucking choice.

This is Joey after her plastic surgery.

2013. július 22., hétfő


I think if I would have the opportunity I would go again to Kutz. Next year we will meet again.

This is a little bit troll kind of. But I like it. You know it's art stuff. Oh by the way this is Sophia too.

2013. július 21., vasárnap


I don't know why so many people don't like bugs. Bugs are wonderful. And dead bugs as well.

Sophia gave me this peace of butterfly and didn't wan't to speak to me till I draw it. So I drew it. Thank you Sophia.

2013. július 20., szombat


Why is that there's always a clique in the community you can never know better while they maybe would be your best friends. Mysterious shit. But it must be their fault.

This is what I drew when Sophia wasn't really there for me.

2013. július 19., péntek


OK. I can't let myself  to be lazy. I have to write my blog. I have to make it. And I will as always before.

This guy is Eric from Camp. Not the best because in fact I've made it from a frog's perspective.

2013. július 18., csütörtök


Oh those nice memories of the Yo Mama course... I slept all over it. Except when I drew.

I set face to face with this girl. And the lady who made the course just said in every 5 seconds 'you know'. So this is why.

2013. július 17., szerda


I have much to do.

This is Sophia again. At this time she wasn't the best model (I'm sorry Sophia).

2013. július 16., kedd


When I was supposed to be at minor A I was usually on the gallery just laying on the floor and sleeping. I had to admit this.

I think this were Sydney. Just a bit distorted.

2013. július 15., hétfő


I still remember as if it were yesterday. I set in Art Room 1 on portrait drawing and I had to draw myself, but I drew others from the mirrors. I loved it.

Just a couple of eyes and noses fly and portrait.

2013. július 14., vasárnap


I think I loved this camp because of the people in it. There were a lot of great programs during camp but those days I spent with camp people were priceless.

My first tree drawing. I am proud of myself that i could do this. Even if it's not perfectly correct.

2013. július 13., szombat


At the end of the session I've become bored of the landscape painting lessons I had to to take as my A minor, but now if I think back it seems a lot of fun.

It was a long procedure to do this, but I've coped with this shit.

2013. július 12., péntek


On every Friday there's a party where you have to wear stupid clothes. On every Friday I become more popular...

This is a drawing of three parts. On the right side is the present of me. The left one is the purpose of me. And finally the middle one is the journey. David Maxa said that it could be an illustration of Kafka.

2013. július 11., csütörtök


Now we have a great time a great time we have.

This is one of the three pagodas.

2013. július 10., szerda


We've started the Art project which is about the journey. My project is an interactive installation. There are colored squares in a box and every color means a letter of the alphabet. Anybody can vary the letters to form text and there's a textbook in the installation where every participant have to write their text. Later you're able to follow the journey of the letters. An interesting detail the number of the letters. There will be 104 letters based on the letter frequency in the English language.

She is Shirley, one of the two girls from Israel.

2013. július 9., kedd


The city was gross. The air pollution and the garbage everywhere. We were at the Times Square, surrounded by giant ad screens and skyscrapers. We had the time to show around ourselves, we went to some stores e.g.: Hershey's, Starbucks, American Eagle, McDonald's. And I saw a policeman on a horse. This one was very surprising. Late at night I went to the Broadway show 'Mamma Mia!'. Honestly it was a great play, but I couldn't enjoy it.

She is Joey alias 'Naturally Pissed Off' - at plastic surgery.

2013. július 8., hétfő


NYC. This is my best subject at the moment. So we were in NYC. And what's more important: I was in NYC. When I saw the skyscrapers' contours at the first time I took some picture of it. It's amazing. But the best part of the day was after that. We went to MOMA (Museum of Modern Art). This is a museum which has every famous modern painting. I've seen a lot of from Van Gogh, Monet, Rousseau, Gaugain, Picasso stb. The only Hungarian artist was Marcell Breuer with his Bauhaus chair. We have a pair of them at home... And the most chocking part for me was the tool which can grab things, 'grabber'. It was chocking because we've bought one about 5 years ago in a Chinese store, but I'd never thought that it'll be in the MOMA, near the most famous paintings of the world.  

Self-portrait with hat.

2013. július 7., vasárnap


I've got again in the 'Portraits' C major. There we made a plaster masque. My face was under the plaster for about an hour. This is the most remarkable moment of the day. And that the day after tomorrow we'll go to NYC.

My first, unfinished drawing of Sophia.

2013. július 6., szombat


I've met the guy from Prague. And fortunately we can understand each other better than others because he also learned the British English in school and he also has an accent just like me. And we have the same problems in the USA e.g.: jet leg, the bed is uncomfortable, understanding others (for him it's a bigger problem because he has a minor) and the cultural differences (which I guess a greater problem for him too because I've adapted to them quickly, if you know what I mean).

This is an orgy/cuddle-puddle.

2013. július 5., péntek


I've founded two very interesting books in the local library: Jerome Bruner: The Culture of Education and Jean Piaget: The Language and Thought of the Child. Hopefully I'll able to read them (maybe just at home).

A caricature again.

2013. július 4., csütörtök


Oh I love the lunches on Fridays and the dinners on Saturdays. French fries with pizza and hamburger. Nom-nom-nom.

Pen drawing.

2013. július 3., szerda


Day-by-day I feel that I'm more popular. I love this feeling. Keep it goin'.

Just from mind.

2013. július 2., kedd


So here in the camp we have a wonderful singer and song leader called Spike. He has studied music in England, where he had written songs, and he showed us a very good song by himself: Rosie the Magnificent. A couple of our bunk mates cried so I could see that this song is very powerful. Therefore I've asked for the lyrics to translate the hole thing to Hungarian.

Here's the Chinese Bro.

2013. július 1., hétfő


5. day - Friday

I'm not sure if it's the 5./4. day but this doesn't matter. The camp is still awesome. I would never thought that I'll enjoy it this much. In the art class we had a very exciting talking about art in general. We've talked about: What's art?, What makes good art?, What's Jewish art? and What makes somebody Jew?. Then we had a lot of free time and we had to wear some more elegant clothes. I've taken a lot of photos of Kutz people there is some good stuff in it. At the end of the day we had to wear something stupid. I just knew that I must have to come up with an idea for myself. Finally I've worn a sweatshirt as trousers.