2013. december 31., kedd


OK, two more.

A special deformation of the vertebral column (spine).

2013. december 30., hétfő


I have only one thing to say to you, son of a bitch: don't fuck with me. It's just one more they. One more day. And I will tell you everything about my New Year's Eve.

"I'm fucking ready for 2014!"

2013. december 29., vasárnap


IELTS reading 10/10 bitches!

Some kind of Frankenstein's monster.

2013. december 28., szombat

2013. december 27., péntek


Me and my family were on a little trip at Hármashatárhegy. It took us 2,5 hours. Everything was slippery of the mud I really enjoyed it though.

I love this cartoon skull.

2013. december 26., csütörtök


I'm still waiting for something big.

-Get out of here freakin' witch!
-Am goin' am goin'.

2013. december 25., szerda

2013. december 24., kedd


I will tell you the short story when after we went ice skating we walked along Andrássy street then Váci street and when we finally arrived to Vörösmarty square we realized that the Christmas market was closed so we had to by our boiled wine elsewhere. Later we went to the square of Ferenciek to go home with a bus, because Angéla had just one ticket for a ride... So eventually we got home, ate some dinner then we went to the railway station to say good bye to Angéla.

This time I remembered the scribbles too... I'm so proud of myself.

2013. december 23., hétfő


Why should I tell you my stories?

I just realized that I had a better version of this but I think that now it doesn't really matter. It's a doodle by the way I just forgot the scribble of it.

2013. december 22., vasárnap


What happened on New Year's Eve? I will tell you all the wonderful and astonishing story of my great and infinitely optimistic searching for my own dreams. See how poetic I am.


2013. december 21., szombat


On the one hand, God, I have a lot to do. On the other hand, it's still winter brake, it's time to relax bro!

This is the original drawing of the legs I drew at biology lesson (in my biology notebook).

2013. december 20., péntek


Ok, it's a little bit awkward that I'm still in 2013, but anyhow I wish everyone a Happy New Year in this magnificent world which we are livin' in.

Oh, please say she's totally insane.

2013. december 19., csütörtök



Very artistic.

2013. december 18., szerda


Can I rescue the World? Of course just like a boss.

Jesus as a Jew with curly hair.

2013. december 17., kedd


Let's go shopping!

Heilige drei Könige.

2013. december 16., hétfő


Today is today, tomorrow is tomorrow, then we're all gonna die. No, in fact that's not the case.

Smoke Jesus smoke!

2013. december 15., vasárnap


I was ice skating with Angéla and Áron at the Városligeti Műlyégpálya and it was sensational. It was my first time doing this pretty amazing activity but I'm already planning to do it sometime in the future with another amazing company.

A fan art with a short program in C#. You can try what it does.

2013. december 14., szombat

2013. december 13., péntek


Pretty sure that I would have something more important to do at the moment.

On the top is my classmate Máté.

2013. december 12., csütörtök


Not being fucking lazy. Just like that.

The only part worth to mention is the bong on the right side.

2013. december 11., szerda


I had an evil plan but now I have to rethink it.

Pretty little sperm.

2013. december 10., kedd


Just hanging around trying to do a handstand pushing up from L-sit.

That's shit.

2013. december 9., hétfő


We were born to this.

I just tried to pay attention to class.

2013. december 8., vasárnap


I should learn juggling with three balls, repair my bicycle, learn a lot English, German and biology but I'm lazy as fuck so I don't even passionate about this fucking blog at the moment.

Oh, I love this page with so many characters.

2013. december 7., szombat


Christmas is coming so I'll be able to meet my old friends.

Just what we study about in biology class. The legs aren't the original ones, so they're not really good.

2013. december 6., péntek


I would have to translate three pages of freaking German text.

So... what about tits?

2013. december 4., szerda


My father bought a tablet. Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo superfluous.

2013. december 3., kedd


Lots of lots of lots of chocolate.


2013. december 2., hétfő


My marks of the first term aren't the worst... therefore I'm satisfied. Not totally true.

Look at dat face. In the right bottom corner you can see BDR's hopeless profile.

2013. december 1., vasárnap


I think I haven't mentioned yet, that I got into the second round of the Biology OKTV.

Yeah it's Hitler but it's alright now.

2013. november 30., szombat


Uhh. That took way too much time to get to blog writing after the last entry. Today is 22.12.2014. I'm just kidding it's still 2013. 

So what about this page of my notebook. It's about the cycle of a cell which divides by mitosis. And it's also about different ages and Tao and tests. Exactly.

2013. november 29., péntek


A charity concert in Bet Orim. Today's main program.

Lungs and working of them.

2013. november 28., csütörtök


I have to write something about Madách's concept about the improvement (or lack of improvement) of our society through the ages and next Friday we'll take a big test about Industrial Revolution, America and stuff. School is so demotivating sometimes.

Dead guy's head while staring into my eyes. Nose distorted by glass and optically by formalin.

2013. november 27., szerda


Still under the effect of The Great Gatsby. Especially the song Young and Beautiful.

Base of skull. Exceptionally in my notebook.

2013. november 26., kedd


On this page you can find the severely obese bee and the hipster dick.

2013. november 25., hétfő


I've just seen The Great Gatsby. I must read the novel.

And what about the movements?

2013. november 24., vasárnap


My Biology OKTV score is 97 point out of 150. Highly the best in class.


2013. november 23., szombat


I should learn fuckin' literary notions.

At top those are from a botanic book and at the middle the fragment is by Juli who's my classmate.

2013. november 22., péntek


Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand it's time to take the Math OKTV.

A few concepts for the Drawing and Visual Culture OKTV.

2013. november 21., csütörtök


I watched way too much cartoons. I'm sick of them.

Pretty girl drawn not that pretty.

2013. november 20., szerda


I just started to read The Tao of Pooh and I realized I am a Taoist. It's pretty cool you should check it out.

Oh, I made this a long time ago.

2013. november 19., kedd


I just took the Biology OKTV. #mademyday

Bitches, who knows what do I say?

2013. november 18., hétfő


I feel so rich because I have pleasure in life... and two more digital drawings I haven't uploaded yet God knows why.

I just watched How to Train Your Dragon. So I drawn this from mind to reproduce the feeling of it.It became a devil sonofabitch but anyway I like it. And I loved the film of course.

2013. november 17., vasárnap


OH MY GOSH! It's the 600. entry!

Adam and Eve and a chimpanzee and human skull with a derp Ben 10 figure. Just as always.

2013. november 16., szombat


Today it's IT OKTV time. Good luck for me!

These are mostly the characters from The Tragedy of Man.

2013. november 15., péntek


Goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood niggggggggggggggggggggggggght -a-ding-ding-ding-ding-ding!!!

Here's the other bro' from the old painting by the German guy (I hope he's German because if he isn't I would be wrong and I don't like to be wrong).

2013. november 14., csütörtök


Fuck verruca vulgaris (common wart).

This drawing is inspired by this piece of artwork by Hugo van der Goes which I saw on the cover of the Tragedy of Man. As you can see on the original painting there's a little bit of Middle Age's shamefacedness. The case is that I wanted to remove it (if you haven't realized it already).

2013. november 13., szerda


That's how you know.

In the right bottom the text says 'It's immoral to draw such like this'.